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  1. In Pictures: Russia and France bury their dead 200 years later
  2. Leftist-Nationalist Party Supporters Celebrate After Parliamentary Elections In Kosovo
  3. Donbas war update: Ukraine records three ceasefire violations on Feb 14
  4. Hryvnia almost unchanged against U.S. dollar on Feb 15
  5. COVID-19: Over 2,300 new active cases reported as of Feb 15
  6. No new community cases found in New Zealand since lockdown
  7. India farmers activist arrest 'attack on democracy'
  8. Asian shares at record highs on global vaccine hopes
  9. Myanmar military tries ‘divide and rule’ in bid to cement power
  10. S Korea eases COVID curbs for businesses, plans vaccine roll-out
  11. Front pages of Iran’s English-language dailies on Feb. 15
  12. At-home food selling concerning, says Food Standards Agency
  13. Microsoft President Says Cyberattack Blamed On Russian Hackers Was 'Most Sophisticated' Ever
  14. Japan's economy shrinks 4.8% in 2020 due to Covid
  15. After its worst shrinkage, Singapore sees 2021 economic rebound
  16. US strengthens illegal presence around Syrian oil wells
  17. The current rate of shilling is 650$/Week, not bad if you ask me!
  18. Face masks Harm Children
  19. Pegula stuns Svitolina to reach Australian Open quarter-finals
  20. Myanmar security forces fired to disperse protesters outside a power plant in the northern state of Kachin. Near total internet shutdown!
  21. Ammo Company Demands Customers ‘Check Box Saying They Did Not Vote For Joe Biden’ to Purchase Rounds
  22. Goldman Sachs Commodity Chief Admits Silver Naked Short Conspiracy
  23. Brazil Minister tells WEF – “I’m not a great fan of … Great Reset”
  24. Raising Chickens: It Really CAN Be All It’s Cracked Up to Be
  25. The World Needs a Gold-Backed Deutsche Mark
  26. Welcome to THE UPSIDE DOWN!
  27. 3 Things That Were Once Science Fiction That Have Now Become Science Fact
  28. TRUMP ACQUITTAL: Fairground mirrors fail again
  29. STACY MCCAIN: N.Y. Times Doxxes Scott Alexander Because They Hate Free Speech.
  30. ROLLING BLACKOUTS — THEY’RE NOT JUST FOR CALIFORNIA, ANYMORE: With a near record cold spell, Texas power grid warns of rotating outages if electricity demand overwhelms supply.
  31. Nothing says great leadership like sending thousands of sick people to the vulnerable retirement community and covering up the death rates. Let’s give him an Emmy and a book deal!
  32. Ponzi Journalism
  33. President Grandpa Calls On Congress To Ban Assault Weapons, High Cap Magazines…
  34. NJ elementary school teacher sexually assaulted 10-year-old student, says prosecutor
  35. Surviving rape: 'I'd watch TV and start feeling sick'
  36. New York City : Man charged with deadly subway stabbings
  37. Gordon Ramsay 'needed room to breathe' on new game show
  38. Coronavirus: The 'Fabulous Ladies' book club helping to vaccinate their small town
  39. HS2: Aerial footage shows what London to Birmingham route looks like now
  40. Why this Australian girl has cleaned graves for eight years
  41. 3 Things That Were Once Science Fiction That Have Now Become Science Fact
  42. The Danger of Political "Medics"
  43. These Are The Seven Republicans Who Voted To Impeach Trump…
  44. The Economic Crisis Caused By This Pandemic Has Dramatically Altered How Americans Are Living Their Lives
  45. Woman With Loaded Gun Arrested Near White House, Claims She Had Letter For Biden
  46. Brits May Soon Have To Prove They’ve Been Vaccinated To Eat At Restaurants…
  47. Match of the Day analysis: How Arsenal's 'brilliant' movement unpicked Leeds
  48. Survivor of Copenhagen Terror Attack Remembers Security Guard Dan Uzan: ‘We Live Because of Him’
  49. Claudia Lawrence: Father of missing chef dies aged 74
  50. Joint Military Exercise With US Simulates Barrage of Missile Fire on Israel for Next War