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  1. Barisic scores two penalties as Rangers earn late win over Antwerp in seven-goal thriller
  2. Roku beats with Q4 revenue of $650M vs expectations of $615M, up 58% YoY, net profit of $65.2M vs expectations of a loss, added 14.3M active accounts for FY2020 (Todd Spangler/Variety)
  3. PEN America has settled its 2018 lawsuit, PEN America v. Trump, leaving intact an earlier ruling that it can challenge a president's retaliation against media (PEN America)
  4. NASA Rover Lands On Mars Crater Named After Bosnian Town
  5. Five Things To Know About Georgia And The Political Crisis It's Slipping Toward
  6. Arsenal must not put a foot wrong in second leg, says Saka after scoring in draw at Benfica
  7. Oil prices dip after surpassing $65 a barrel amid Texas cold snap
  8. Journalists in Slovenia accuse the prime minister of whipping up hatred against public media reporters and editors, which has led to threats and self-censorship (Lili Bayer/Politico)
  9. European Extremists Increasingly ‘Choosing’ Antisemitism to Further Their Causes, ADL Report Warns
  10. Coronavirus vaccines: Macron proposes sending 3-5% of supplies to Africa
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers’ Zach Banner Urges NFL to Adopt IHRA Definition of Antisemitism, Speaks Out on ‘Lack of Understanding’
  12. Wedding ring lost at North Shields tip found in rubbish
  13. Tesla sticker shock: Automaker slashes prices for two models
  14. De Blasio UNLOADS on Cuomo, backs Dem who says he was threatened: ‘The bullying is nothing new!’
  15. Biden On Chinese Death Camps: It’s A Different Culture…
  16. Bale scores one and sets up another as Tottenham take control against Wolfsberger
  17. Fernandes scores twice as Man Utd thrash Real Sociedad
  18. Leicester held to goalless draw against Slavia Prague
  19. Facebook's refusal to pay a misguided media tax, pushed by Rupert Murdoch, is a defense of the open web and criticizing it for rejecting a link tax is bizarre (Mike Masnick/Techdirt)
  20. CDC Issues New Guidance That Would Keep 90% of Schools Partially Closed
  21. Dying To Go Home: Displaced Azerbaijanis Risk Mines, Munitions To See Homeland
  22. Jewish Americans’ Ties to Baseball Run Deep
  23. Does America Need a Domestic War on Terror?
  24. How Jewish Students Can Explain Antisemitism to Non-Jews
  25. Peter Schiff: Stimulus Checks Funded a January Christmas
  26. BIDEN’S $1.9 TRILLION ‘STIMULUS’ WILL SHRINK THE ECONOMY: Hans Bader notes that even the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) agrees that in the long run, the Biden plan will shrink the economy.
  27. This free gift from the government is going to expire in a few years
  28. BBC admit that anyone who has tested positive for ‘coronavirus’ within 60 days of death is included in the death figures
  29. The Paris Accords will cost $100 Trillion dollars and might lower global temps by 0.2 degrees.
  30. Israeli MK meets with Moroccan Members of Parliament for the first time
  31. Pablo Hasel: Violence in Madrid and Barcelona over rapper's jailing
  32. UK and Canada impose sanctions on Myanmar generals after coup
  33. Cruz blasted for reportedly flying to Cancun amid Texas freeze
  34. London’s Chelsea FC Soccer Club Launches ‘Say No to Antisemitism’ Website
  35. Biden Admin Considers Reparations
  36. Serbian Orthodox Church Picks New Patriarch
  37. Texas weather: Thousands of cold-stunned turtles rescued
  38. It's happening: Ukraine is attracting European neighbors to developing a gas-bearing shelf in the Black Sea
  39. Ted Cruz Flew To Mexico During The Texas Weather Crisis…
  40. Court filing says a Facebook manager warned that the company reported revenues it "should have never made" by overstating how many users advertisers could reach (Hannah Murphy/Financial Times)
  41. Macron urges US, EU to rapidly divert COVID vaccines to Africa
  42. Algeria trial opens over kidnapping and murder of French tourist
  43. NY Times Erases Bo Snerdly in Obituary for Rush Limbaugh
  44. LA Schools Approve Plan to Cut One-Third of Police Budget and Replace Officers With “Climate Coaches”
  45. NBU elaborates on banking sector in 2020: Shutdown of bank branches, lay-offs
  46. Puerto Rico issues LGBTQ emergency declaration amid violence
  47. US jobless claims unexpectedly rise to 861,000 amid chip shortage
  48. Kurti's comments spark pessimism in Belgrade over Kosovo-Serbia talks
  49. Jean-Marc Ollagnier says “there are opportunities that we have to shape, understand and capture”
  50. Stock Alert: SiTime Slips 10%