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  1. Covid variants: What happens when a virus mutates?
  2. Is “Temporary Inflation” A Real Thing?
  3. Covid: Fresh air 'key to safer classrooms'
  4. The Father: Why Olivia Colman's new film will leave you disoriented
  5. Our Lives: Will my hometown survive this lockdown?
  6. Data experts are becoming football's best signings
  7. Covid 19: 'His mental health has suffered all along'
  8. Northern Pacific seastar: The sea intruder causing havoc in Tasmania
  9. Nalleli Cobo: How a nine-year-old fought an oil company and won
  10. Celebrating the world's largest female afro
  11. Government has no climate change plan - MPs
  12. Budget 2021: Four things that critics say were missing
  13. National Trust's climate change threat map a 'game-changer'
  14. Migrants Wearing Biden* Shirts Walking Towards Border…
  15. NEW: Trump Blasts Karl Rove “He’s A Pompous Fool With Bad Advice And Always Has An Agenda”
  16. Pelosi says her grandchildren are “longtime friends of Joe Biden” and they don’t say “open sesame,” they say “Open Biden.”
  17. US Capitol Police request extension of National Guard deployment in Washington
  18. Exclusive: Iran jails Jewish-Iranian for 10 years for living in Israel
  19. Biden* Justice Dept Quietly Dismissing Hundreds Of Cases Against BLM/Antifa Rioters…
  20. BREAKING: Right Side Broadcast Network Banned From YouTube, All Copies Of Trump’s Speech Banned From Site As Well…
  21. Tribune Publishing reported Q4 revenue of $192.7M, down 19.5% YoY, and digital-only subscribers rose 30.5% YoY to 436K; sale to Alden expected to close in Q2 (Tribune Publishing Company)
  22. Biden should force Big Pharma to share taxpayer-subsidized COVID-19 vaccines
  23. CHILE preparing for TSUNAMI after three severe Earthquakes rattle New Zealand. 8.2, 7.4 & 7.2
  24. LAPD officer dies days after being hit by car in South Los Angeles
  25. Matamoros to the US: A long journey across a short bridge
  26. US debt projected to balloon to more than double GDP by 2051
  27. Myanmar coup leaders tried draining $1bn from US account: Sources
  28. US Senate takes up massive COVID-19 rescue bill
  29. Ex-Kremlin hostages from Ukraine kick off platform to free political prisoners held by Russia
  30. McEnany Pokes Fun at Psaki: I Didn’t Have to Do a Lot of Circling Back
  31. Alec Baldwin Finally Deletes His Twitter Account And Thank God For That…
  32. The Democrat & Chronicle Editorial Board Calls for Gov. Cuomo’s Resignation
  33. 15 rights groups urge Biden to address Bahrain abuses
  34. LIVE: Biden’s massive $1.9T ‘COVID relief’ bill being read aloud
  35. ‘Huge shock’: Greeks survey destruction after major quake
  36. Alabama extends mask mandate as other US states lift restrictions
  37. Knight Foundation and others commission a framework to assess the health of local news systems, find opportunities for strengthening it, and measure progress (Hannah Stonebraker/The Impact Architects)
  38. Senegal clashes kill one after opposition leader arrested
  39. UN rights investigator calls for tough sanctions on Myanmar
  40. More than half Ukrainians consider childbirth woman's main calling
  41. West Brom 0-1 Everton: Richarlison scores only goal at The Hawthorns
  42. Fulham 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur: Spurs win back-to-back Premier League games for first time since November
  43. Stokes facing 'hardest conditions ever' as England struggle again with bat
  44. Trump Says GOP Lost Georgia Senate Races Because Republicans Were “Angry and Disappointed” So They Didn’t Turn Out
  45. Florida Man Gets 20 Years In Prison For Cutting Off His Wife’s Boyfriends Penis…
  46. NJ Council Members Indicted on Voter Fraud Charges
  47. Palestinian Elections Are Still Far From Certain
  48. Report: Biden Strikes Against Iranian Targets in Syria Sought to Send Signal Without Escalation, Officials Say
  49. The Gross Hypocrisy of the ICC
  50. Hammer and Hope: Danny Glover on the Amazon union drive in Bessemer, Alabama