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  1. Serbs Protest Coronavirus Restrictions
  2. Cops find ‘child exploitation material’ while executing search warrant in NJ
  3. Woman Wielding a Pick Axe Critically Wounded After Confrontation with Nashville Police
  4. London police chief won’t resign over handling of vigil
  5. Using science, knowledge, a need to identify enemies' threats
  6. CNN Criticized On Air For Its Cuomo On Cuomo Love-Fest For A Year…
  7. British-Iranian Aid Worker Appears in Iran Court for Propaganda Trial
  8. Natalie Portman to Play Jewish Housewife Turned Investigative Reporter in New Apple TV+ Series
  9. How I Got Rich on Tesla Stock
  10. Merkel’s party headed for defeat in two German states – exit polls
  11. Italians enjoy last hours of freedom before coronavirus lockdown
  12. Before COVID, Gates Planned Social Media Censorship of Vaccine Safety Advocates With Pharma, CDC, Media, China and CIA
  13. Yemeni army makes military advance in Marib province
  14. Protesters pay tribute to young woman killed in London
  15. Lamela scores 'rabona' and is sent off as Arsenal come back to beat Spurs
  16. Shooting in Chicago leaves two dead, 10 wounded
  17. Financial System Fake La La Land – Dr. Mark Skidmore
  18. NEW RECORD and a big jump from yesterday – 4.58 vaccine doses in the US today!
  19. Who’s Responsible For The Notorious Inflation Lies?
  20. Newt Gingrich Locked Out Of Twitter For Criticizing Biden’s Immigration Policy… ROGER SIMON: All Red States Must Join Gov. DeSantis to Restrain Big Tech.
  21. Late Sexton penalty gives Ireland victory after Scotland fightback
  22. UK – Police State Is HERE!
  23. Kroger to close 3 Los Angeles stores after city officials mandated a $5 pay increase for grocery and pharmacy workers -CBS LA
  24. Is It Time for Red States To Start Using Their Power to Nullify Federal Law?
  25. Free Lunches for All
  26. ‘A ticking plastic bomb’: 3 million face masks are thrown out every minute, researchers warn
  27. China is Developing Civilization Killer Viruses
  28. Scotland hospitality urges lockdown levels rethink
  29. Syria’s Asma al-Assad faces police investigation in the UK
  30. Bolivia's political crisis deepens after former interim president arrested
  31. ‘Spotted Yellow’ to vie at Atlanta Film Festival
  32. Kenya-Somalia maritime boundary dispute explained
  33. Weakened Iranian Regime Tests Biden Administration’s Resolve by Demanding Concessions
  34. ZAKA Head to Step Down, Forfeit Israel Prize Following Allegations of Sexual Assault
  35. Israeli, Czech, Hungarian Premiers Meet in Jerusalem to Discuss Vaccine Cooperation
  36. Two Statues in New York City Honor Late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  37. Blinken Says Abraham Accords Are ‘Something We Want to Build On’
  38. 5-Richter quake jolts Faryab in southern Iran
  39. Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan ratify MoU on Caspian exploration
  40. Iran to appoint rapporteur to investigate effect of sanctions
  41. Lobbying in AFC destroying fair play principles
  42. Official terms AFC decision ‘political’
  43. 'I've been cat-called, shouted at, and had cars slow down' - female athletes share their experiences
  44. Episode #365 – ‘Lockdown: One Year On’ with guest Dr Martin Cohen, Basil Valentine
  45. NYC Coming Back To Life After A Year Locked Indoors…
  46. German Court Rules Former Nazi Concentration Camp Guard, 96, ‘Unfit’ to Stand Trial
  47. Netflix to Premiere New Docuseries About Former ‘Haredi’ Fashion Mogul
  48. West Coast Cities Erupt in Violence on Anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s Death
  49. Fauci Flip-Flops Again (Maybe) on Mask Wearing for Vaccinated Individuals
  50. Rep. Michael Burgess Calls Biden’s Vaccine Narrative “Disingenuous”