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  1. CNN Director Admits Their Goal Was To Oust Trump…
  2. Navalny's Wife Says Growing More Concerned For Russian Opposition Leader On Hunger Strike
  3. Biden to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by September 11
  4. Vaccinating kids is critical and messaging is key, experts say
  5. States With Highest Rate Of Hospitalizations Are ALL Blue Lockdown States…
  6. Over 50 Arrested At Second Night Of Rioting In Minnesota…
  7. Project Veritas Video Shows CNN Director Admitting Network Spreads “Propaganda” and “Speculation”
  8. Greensill: Top civil servant 'joined firm before quitting'
  9. Iran to suspend comprehensive talks with EU due to sanctions
  10. New migrant camp approved for Lesbos but exact location undecided
  11. Irony Of BLM Rioting Captured In One Photo…
  12. Iran, Russia confer on cultural, diplomacy coop.
  13. Palestinian Factions Threaten Election Suspension Unless East Jerusalem Participates
  14. No plans to return occupied land by force – Ukraine NSDC
  15. Egypt says owners of Suez Canal traffic jam ship owe almost $1 b.
  16. Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez headline vaccination concert for poorest nations
  17. Serious amounts of gold/money/wealth being flown out from the UK to Doha this morning
  18. DEATH TO THE DOLLAR/COUNTRY: WHO says Covid pandemic is growing ‘exponentially’ at more than 4.4 million new cases a week
  19. Cuba condemns terrorist act at Natanz facility
  20. Iran approving new Lebanese Gov. formation
  21. Iran starts 60% enrichment in reaction to Natanz sabotage
  22. WH Press Secretary On Biden’s Border Czar Stepping Down During A Crisis: She ‘Deserves’ To Retire….
  23. IDF Veteran With PTSD in Critical Condition After Self-Immolation
  24. Delegation of American Jewish Leaders to Visit Israel in First Post-Pandemic Travel
  25. EXPOSED: Newly Recorded Footage Shows the Expansion of Controversial Texas Migrant Detention Center
  26. Biggest Inflation Threat in 40 Years Looms over Markets
  27. The Best Business Conditions of the 21st Century?
  28. According to the WHO, the Coronavirus Pandemic is a Long Way From Over
  29. What’s With All the Negative Reporting About Vaccines Lately?
  30. Pentagon Says They’ve Developed a Microchip Which Detects Coronavirus Before Symptoms are Present
  31. Mike Rowe Debunks Case for $15 Minimum Wage
  32. Miranda Devine: VP Harris’ Response to Migrant Crisis Borders on the Absurd
  33. BLM Co-Founder’s Consulting Firm Website Goes Offline Amid Reports of Her Multi-Million Dollar Home Buying Spree
  34. Ukraine's Tax Service boosts VAT revenue by 1.5 times in Q1
  35. Vaccination with CoronaVac launched in Ukraine on April 13 – Health minister
  36. Iran COVID-19 update: 24,760 cases, 291 deaths
  37. UK economy expanded in February with end of lockdown in sight
  38. Zelensky's chief of staff Yermak urges U.S. to deploy Patriot missile systems in Ukraine
  39. Rouhani warns of ‘dangerous’ Zionists’ foothold in region
  40. US on track to accept fewest refugees in its history: Report
  41. It is time to fix South Sudan’s broken healthcare system
  42. BlackRock, Singapore’s Temasek in mammoth climate investing push
  43. Government's LGBT advisory panel disbanded
  44. Over 10,100 Ukrainians vaccinated against COVID-19 in past day – Health minister
  45. Syrian army launching an operation to cleanse Raqqa from ISIL
  46. Scotland head coach Townsend to be Lions attack coach
  47. Kyiv mayor reports over 1,500 new COVID-19 cases, 42 fatalities
  48. Zelensky on Russia's military buildup: 'They want the West to be frightened'
  49. Muslims start Ramadan under the shadow of the coronavirus
  50. Taliban refuse to attend Afghan talks in Turkey if held this week