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  1. Ever Given partially refloated in Suez Canal: Live news
  2. Iran calls for justice in dealing with protests in UK
  3. Mankind in need of a savior
  4. Reuters: Oil slumps as Suez Canal container ship starts to move
  5. ‘Tiger Cub’ stumble leaves banks with giant trading losses
  6. Leader pardons, commutes sentences of 1,849 convicts
  7. Another Doctor At Omsk Hospital Where Navalny Was Treated Reportedly Dies
  8. The mental toll for health workers on Spain's coronavirus frontline
  9. China attacks Western nations, firms over Xinjiang cotton boycott
  10. Security forces detain, dismantle terror team in Khuzestan
  11. Iranians celebrate birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi (MGHHR)
  12. Stranded Ever Given back afloat in Suez Canal: Reports
  13. India’s Maharashtra considers total lockdown as COVID cases rise
  14. Iran aims to help peace take hold in Afghanistan: FM Zarif
  15. Ever Given: Stranded Suez container ship reported freed
  16. In historic first, alleged North Korean spy to face trial in the United States
  17. Thousands flee into Thailand following Myanmar air strikes
  18. Two die in fresh Bangladesh protest violence over Modi’s visit
  19. China's answer to YouTube slumps on market debut
  20. Oregon: Antifa Attack Driver Flying American Flag, Police Arrest Victim For Pulling Gun In Self-Defense
  21. Race crisis threatening police legitimacy, police chair warns
  22. Indonesia fire: Massive blaze erupts at oil refinery
  23. Not just the Proms: An unexpected history of the Royal Albert Hall
  24. Brisbane heads into snap three-day COVID lockdown
  25. Death toll rises after another day of bloody protests in Myanmar
  26. Brazilian court orders President Bolsonaro to pay $3,500 in damages to a reporter, after Bolsonaro suggested last year that she offered sex for information (BBC)
  27. Harry Dent believes that stocks will crash by 40% in April 2021.
  28. Channel Nine cyber-attack disrupts live broadcasts in Australia
  29. Darien Gap: The 'forgotten' migrant crisis at Panama-Colombia border
  30. 10 Reasons Why Freedom Is DANGEROUS
  31. Top Paid LA Lifeguards Earn Up To $392,000!
  32. If Social Security Were Really a Trust Fund “There Would Be Lawsuits Everywhere”
  33. MMT Has Lit the Fuse on This Inflation Powder Keg
  34. Ted Cruz video of kids in cages
  35. Bellingcat identifies citizens of Russia involved in torture in Donetsk prison
  36. N Korea accuses UN of ‘double standard’ on missile tests
  37. Bidders for the NFT of Kevin Roose's NYT column, which sold for ~$560K, share their motivations, including fun, self-promotion, and a signal of support for NFTs (Kevin Roose/New York Times)
  38. If you want to live a longer, healthier life, never go to sleep on an argument
  39. 93% of People Who Negotiate Medical Bills See It Reduced or Dropped Entirely
  40. Suez Canal Trafic Report
  41. People Under 40 Have Very Little Wealth
  42. AUD $1,000 a day – that is how much Sydney house prices are rising. Experts say cheap loans and a lack of available stock will drive that figure
  43. Wall Street banks ditch $19 billion of stocks in ‘unprecedented’ block trade selloff – media
  44. The Scream! Buffett Indicator Sky High Along With Home Prices As Money Printing Has Goes Wild!!
  45. National Park Service reports ‘active shooter’ at Everglades National Park
  46. Cops looking for more victims after woman choked out, almost thrown from balcony by man she met on social media
  47. National Park Service reports ‘active shooter’ at Everglades National Park
  48. The Suez Canal blockage explored in numbers
  49. Video shows horrifying moment woman’s nose is sliced off in ‘random attack’ as she worked in NYC boutique
  50. 'It's do or die time for my insurer to pay up'