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  1. U.S. To Discuss Iran Nuclear Deal With France, Britain, Germany
  2. Osaka to face Brady in Australian Open final after beating Williams
  3. Prince Philip spends second night in hospital
  4. Commercial TV channels unite to screen Covid vaccine myth-busting video
  5. 20 Absolutely Horrible Things That The Left Said About Rush Limbaugh Right After He Died
  6. World’s oldest DNA sequenced from million-year-old mammoths
  7. Profile of Stewart Bainum, who set up a nonprofit to buy The Baltimore Sun; filing shows price of $65M for The Sun and other papers under nonbinding term sheet (Marc Tracy/New York Times)
  8. 7 shot at Philadelphia transit station
  10. For foreign investors in Myanmar, coup adds new uncertainties
  11. 20 Absolutely Horrible Things That The Left Said About Rush Limbaugh Right After He Died
  12. Strong decline in coronavirus across England since January, React study shows
  13. Australian authorities in public health, weather, and other areas say Facebook has removed posts from their feeds following Facebook's news ban (Nicholas McElroy/ABC)
  14. Broken news: Facebook blocks Australia pages in dispute over law
  15. Texas man calls 911, confesses to killing wife in hotel room they were staying during snowstorm
  16. How To Live Your Best Life In America In 2021 (In A Van Down By The River)
  17. Doug Casey on Robinhood, Hedge Funds, and Class Warfare
  18. CNN’s Phillip: Biden “Torn” On Schools B/c Of Powerful Democrat Special Interest Groups
  19. Trump is after McConnell
  20. Future of the EU in DOUBT as ITALEXIT, FREXIT, SWEXIT, and NEXIT Sentiments SURGE!
  21. MARK DICE: Joe Biden Goes Off The Rails at CNN’s Town Hall Circus
  22. Biden on cancelling $50,000 in student debt: “I will not make that happen”
  23. Massachusetts climate official proposes targeting regular people who heat their homes: ‘We have to break your will’
  24. IT BEGINS: Biden ORDERS Congress Start Taking Away your 2nd Amendment Rights This Instant
  25. China Laughs: “China ‘built over three times as much coal plant capacity as the rest of the world in 2020’”
  26. Australia news code: What’s this row with Facebook and Google all about?
  27. Texas man calls 911, confesses to killing wife in hotel room they were staying during snowstorm
  28. Laura Loomer’s Lawsuit Against Big Tech Censorship Makes It to Supreme Court Docket
  29. Courage: The Biggest Present A Parent Can Give
  30. TEXAS mayor tells Texans they are LAZY
  31. Republicans seek to expose Biden administration policies that allow China to take control of US
  32. Gasoline Prices Could Hit $3
  33. Netflix (NFLX) and Facebook (FB) Dark Pool Buy Activity Is Detected Again
  34. How Afghanistan police train for Taliban attacks and suicide bombers
  35. Covid: How work life changed for a home-schooler and a supermarket manager
  36. Nasa Perseverance rover: How this Mars landing will be different
  37. Economics Is Why Vaccination Is So Hard
  38. China Falls WAY SHORT of U.S. Food Purchases For 2020 as Trade Deal Forgotten
  39. Expect A Record Amount Of Silver Futures Contracts To Be Delivered
  40. Trump, Biden White House, Hannity, Levin React To The Passing of Rush Limbaugh
  41. Facebook says it generated ~5.1B free referrals to Australian publishers worth ~AU$407M last year, as Australia's Media Bargaining law passes the House (Reuters and Associated Press)
  42. Australia's concentrated media industry, dominated by News Corp, is aligned with the prime minister and has sought compensation from tech companies for years (Damien Cave/New York Times)
  43. Rush Limbaugh: Trump leads tributes to divisive US radio host
  44. Facebook blocks Australian users from viewing or sharing news
  45. Giles runs British record with second-quickest indoor 800m in history - highlights & report
  46. Facebook News Partnerships VP: Australia's planned law "fails to recognize ... the fundamental nature of the relationship between our platform and publishers" (Campbell Brown/Facebook)
  47. Stoltenberg: NATO Strategic Concept should be updated in view of Russian aggression, rise of China
  48. Cabinet approves Pension Fund budget for 2021
  49. FL Attorney Found With ‘Life-Like’ Child Sex Doll, Trove of Child Porn, Is Sentenced To 7.5 Years
  50. Portland Residents Fight Cops Over The Right To Eat Spoiled Food From A Dumpster…