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  1. New Kippahs Hand-Made in Bahrain Mark Surge in Visitors to Gulf’s Oldest Jewish Community
  2. You Can’t Buy Or Sell 6 Dr Seuss Books On eBay But You Can Buy These Hot Items…
  3. Martyr Soleimani's sacrifices made Pope's Iraq visit possible
  4. Iran to shortly present a constructive action plan
  5. Uzbek Governor Moves To Destitute Village But Will Bring His Own Toilet
  6. US: Our Middle East allies don't get blank check to oppose US interests
  7. Fury as South African Chief Justice is Ordered to Apologize for Pro-Israel Comments
  8. Ivory Coast opposition parties return for parliamentary election
  9. Parents not giving Covid test consent, warn heads
  10. English travellers face fines and losing flights without permit
  11. UKC News: Vaccine Passports – The Road to Global Tyranny
  12. Ukraine Army seeking to replace Soviet-era off-road vehicles
  13. Gerald Celente discusses the latest lies, propaganda and market chaos
  14. Wheels coming off the Covid train: Conn. lifts capacity limits in restaurants, gym’s, houses of worship; masks remain
  15. Correction for Nasdaq- More Indices to Follow?
  16. Visualizing America’s $28T Debt Explosion Amid Coronavirus Pandemic (Update: March 5th)
  17. VIDEO: Iranian artists join One Seedling One Life campaign
  18. Haaland hearings signal uphill battle for Biden’s climate agenda
  19. Pope Francis calls for end to violence in first address in Iraq
  20. Rhondda: 'Number of casualties' involved in serious incident
  21. Williams launch disrupted as hackers breach augmented reality app
  22. Boy who was stabbed in Brixton video-calls mum for help
  23. Netanyahu speaks to Harris, tells her he won’t allow Iran to obtain nukes
  24. Scotland 'intent' on hosting Euro 2020 matches, says First Minister Sturgeon
  25. Feds Throw Out Over a Third of Cases Resulting From Violent Protests in Portland
  26. Coronavirus Travel Restrictions Now Lifted at Half of U.S. Military Bases
  27. As White House Shames Texas for Reopening, It Won’t Do the Same for Coronavirus-Positive Illegal Aliens
  28. WHO Won’t Release Its Interim Report on Coronavirus Origins As Legitimacy of Its Investigation Questioned
  29. Rocket Attack on U.S. in Iraq Leaves Many Questions But Few Answers
  30. B-21 Stealth Bomber: This Photo Might Give Us a Big Clue
  31. Mexican Border City Shootout Results in 10 Cartel Gunmen Dead
  32. Mars Perseverance Rover Moves Its Robotic Arm for the First Time
  33. Millennials Push Back as Gen Z Tries to Cancel Eminem
  34. Before Cancel Culture Was a Thing, These 11 Hollywood Celebrities Read Dr. Seuss Books in Public
  35. Coronavirus infection levels continue to drop in the UK
  36. Report: Cuomo Office Ignored Rules Requiring Formal Investigations of Sexual Harassment Complaints
  37. Yemen conducts 5 drone attacks on Saudi Malik Khaled airbase
  38. Pro-Beijing committee to elect some Hong Kong legislators
  39. Woman fleeing violence in Guatemala among 13 killed in California crash
  40. Nine people suffered major injuries in US border crash that killed 13
  41. WHO sees Ebola risk as ‘very high’ for Guinea’s neighbours
  42. Watch live: Pope lands for historic visit to Iraq amid virus and security fears
  43. Kyiv mayor reports over 900 new COVID-19 cases, 17 fatalities
  44. Jailed Belarusian, Iranian Exile, Slain Afghans Among U.S. 'Women Of Courage' Honorees
  45. Radicalization of Turkey's schoolbooks shows Erdoğan's grip on power increasing
  46. A look at Women Do News, a volunteer effort that aims to get more entries about female journalists on Wikipedia; it has completed 28 new entries and improved 10 (Angilee Shah/Poynter)
  47. China NPC: Beijing set to overhaul Hong Kong electoral system
  48. eBay Bans Dr Seuss Books to Shield Customers From 'Offensive Material'
  49. 100 days and 248 deaths later, Indian farmers remain determined
  50. Plymouth model: 'I felt like I needed to cut my own hair off'