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  1. Iran shows off dozens of drones in military parade
  2. Did Iran order a drone attack on the US in Iraq?
  3. Study: political campaign ad spending on CTV grew from 5% of budgets in 2018 to 20% in 2020 as TV money seems to have been shifted to better target voters (Sara Fischer/Axios)
  4. Talks between Iran, P4+1 underway in Vienna
  5. Lukashenka Claims He Was Target Of Assassination Plot; Russia's FSB Links Two Belarusians To Alleged Coup
  6. Ukraine reports almost 4,300 hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients in past day
  7. Czech Republic expels 18 Russian diplomats
  8. Iran, Serbia emphasize developing trade-industrial ties
  9. VIDEO: Army showcases UAVs in annual parade
  10. Covid-19: Queen sits alone at funeral, and three million deaths worldwide
  11. Japan asks Pfizer for extra supplies of coronavirus vaccine
  12. Saudi and Iranian officials held talks to patch up relations - FT
  13. South Africa regulator recommends lifting pause on J&J vaccine
  14. Pres. Rouhani felicitates Zimbabwe on Independence Day
  15. Front pages of Iran’s English dailies on April 18
  16. Headlines of Iranian Persian dailies on April 18
  17. Ronnie O'Sullivan 'harassed' by fan before win
  18. World Snooker Championship: Watch Ronnie O'Sullivan 'scintillating' three centuries
  19. COVID-free Australia ‘in no hurry’ to open its borders
  20. Peloton treadmill should not be used by those with children or pets – regulator
  21. US and China agree to cooperate on climate crisis with urgency
  22. Ghalibaf vows timely response to Natanz sabotage
  23. Chad’s Deby takes early election lead as rebels near Ndjamena
  24. US, China agree to tackle climate crisis with urgency
  25. Oregon: Permanent Mask Rule
  26. US and China reach agreement ahead of climate summit
  27. Minnesota police pledge not to harass journalists at protests
  28. China and US pledge climate change commitment
  29. Controversial Muslim cleric Sheikh al-Qaradawi contracts COVID-19
  30. Biden Calls Navalny's Situation 'Totally Unfair' After Doctors Sound Alarm About His Condition
  31. Journalists covering MN protests on Friday say state and local police rounded them up and photographed their faces and IDs before release, despite a court order (Adrianna Rodriguez/USA Today)
  32. PM 'risks losing red wall' over lobbying 'shame'
  33. Bill Maher Goes Off On Democrats Over Constant COVID Fear Mongering…
  34. Greatest Violations of Nuremberg Code in History – Catherine Austin Fitts
  35. Tucker Carlson: ‘We Are Moving Toward Some Kind of Larger Confrontation with Russia — Why Are We Doing That?’
  36. Russia Ukraine conflict: Fact-checking Russian TV's Ukraine claims
  37. Covid in Brazil: Pandemic meets poverty in growing crisis
  38. Nil-by-mouth foodie: The chef who will never eat again
  39. Would universities call parents in a mental health crisis?
  40. These teenage climate activists are pushing for change in Australia
  41. How cancer put me off joining Amazon union
  42. Inside the chemist made entirely out of felt
  43. The Zurich students living cheaply in a luxury hotel
  44. Foreign espionage at highest level since the Cold War, says Canada’s spy agency
  45. US political operative convicted for illegal lobbying has CIA links, newspaper claims
  46. Cambridge spy ring member gave USSR British royals’ pro-Nazi letters
  47. Jordanian news agency claims Mossad involvement in helping alleged coup plotter
  48. Wife of Italian spy for Russia says he was desperate for money due to COVID-19
  49. Oregon Will Keep Mask Mandate Permanently…
  50. Covid: Gig with no social distancing to be part of government pilot