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  1. So This Is How The U.S. Dollar Dies…
  2. China risks COVID ‘immunity gap’ amid slow vaccine uptake
  3. Fukushima: Japan marks 10th disaster anniversary while still recovering
  4. With food prices soaring the lowest quintile will be hit the hardest. Dems don’t get it. The more free money they give away, the higher the cost of living will be.
  5. No ID requirement, no signature verification, the list goes on. If you’re all for voter fraud, you’re all for #HR1.
  6. Cycle end nearing.
  7. This will be ‘game over’ if it happens
  8. Drugmakers raise the prices of hundreds of prescription medications since January
  9. GameStop Stock Falls 40% in 25 Minutes Amid Continuing Mania
  10. Spotify and K-pop label Kakao settle their licensing dispute, making Kakao's songs available on the platform globally, including in South Korea (Variety)
  11. Utah mother dies four days after taking second dose of COVID vaccine
  12. Utah mother dies four days after taking second dose of COVID vaccine
  13. Felicitations to world Muslims on Eid al-Mab’ath
  14. Australians to be offered half-price flights to boost local tourism
  15. Brexit: NI official being sent to US amid UK-EU tensions
  16. Mexico marijuana: Lower house passes recreational cannabis bill
  17. Amazon is the only major publisher that withholds its digital books from public libraries, preventing people from downloading over 10,000 e-books and audiobooks (Geoffrey Fowler/Washington Post)
  18. Senate Inexplicably Confirms Man Who Said Attacking Federal Buildings At Night Isn’t Terrorism Because It’s Night…
  19. Teenage suicide: Bereaved siblings fight mental health 'stigma'
  20. The Little Things: A crime thriller but not as you know it
  21. Being gay in Ghana: LGBT community is ‘under attack’
  22. Palin and Jones: 'We didn't talk about the stammer'
  23. Covid: Texas and Mississippi lifting restrictions too soon?
  24. Japan's triple disaster 10 years on: The day ‘tomorrow didn’t come’
  25. 'I went from Hollywood glamour to food donations'
  26. Covid: The man with "super antibodies"
  27. Will rape allegations change Australia's 'toxic' politics?
  28. Owners of Christian reform school in Missouri charged with more than 100 ‘horrific’ counts of abusing girls
  29. Magic reveals hidden tactics of politics and marketing
  30. Covid-19: Brazil surge reaches new level as daily deaths pass 2,000
  31. M&S to sell clothes from rival brands to boost online sales
  32. Cancer patients 'less protected' after first jab
  33. Texas Mayor: Border Situation Going To Get Bad Very Fast…
  34. Andrea Sahouri's trial was an actual threat to the First Amendment, and initial silence from state leaders showed who would defend journalism and who would not (Lyz/Men Yell at Me)
  35. New Cuomo accuser says the Governor sexually assaulted her late last year
  36. The papers: Sarah Everard case and 'fury' over nurses' pay
  37. Breaking 911: It’s Time To Fight Back Against The Sexualization Of Children…
  38. Brazil hits new daily COVID deaths record as crisis escalates
  39. New Turkey’s Agenda 2023: The End of the Republic and the Return of Sharia Law
  40. AMC Entertainment beats expectations with Q4 revenue of $162.5M, down from $1.4B in 2019, and full-year revenue fell 77.3% to $1.2B; stock up ~9% after hours (Brent Lang/Variety)
  41. Stutthof Camp: Holocaust guard Harry S found unfit to stand trial at 96
  42. Football gold at Tokyo Olympics 'could reignite women's sport'
  43. Ayatollah Sistani’s wise stances, source of honor for Islam
  44. ‘I will cut up your family:’ Man pleads guilty to threatening Tampa Bay Rays players who lost home game
  45. Florida man arrested for sextortion of Illinois teen
  46. Poll: Trust In U.S. Military Nosediving…
  47. Rep. Troy Nehls Decimates Biden Over The Failure To Protect The Border
  48. Suarez scores as Atletico go six points clear - La Liga highlights
  49. Ted Cruz Grills Biden’s DOJ Nominee Vanita Gupta
  50. CIA base in northern Niger expands, as Islamism spreads in the Sahel