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  1. Leicester City 3-1 Man Utd: Foxes into FA Cup semi-finals
  2. Historic Selloff In Treasuries
  3. Financial Market Pessimism
  4. Locations of Asian hate crimes:
  5. Bitcoin Is A Pump And Dump Ponzi Scheme. Scammers Admit This In Court
  6. Old Firm fans praised for heeding 'stay at home' call
  7. Gretchen Whitmer May Soon Face Scrutiny Over Her Handling Of Nursing Homes…
  8. What Do Bonds and Yields Mean?
  9. Naked Short Selling is worse in Canada
  10. Comparing payment for order flow routing reports (606a) of different brokerages
  11. “The United States under the Biden administration has knowingly, intentionally with due deliberation surrendered our southern border. It is now open to anyone from anywhere in the world who wishes to enter our country.”
  12. Sorry, Dude, but the protests worldwide are because nobody believes the experts now. Scott is at ground zero of this problem.
  13. Stimmie checks at work..
  14. Biden Wants To Ship Migrants To Canadian Border…
  15. Let’s Twist Again: The Coming Curve Control and What It Means for the Gold Market
  16. The Russian Black Sea Fleet has begun tracking the actions of the USS Thomas Hudner, which entered the Black Sea on 20 March.
  17. Nawal El Saadawi, Egyptian author and women’s rights icon, dies
  18. FA Cup: Chelsea 2-0 Sheffield United highlights
  19. Shortage of bouncers could stop clubs reopening
  20. Acclaimed Egyptian feminist Nawal Saadawi dies aged 89
  21. Man accused of threatening Trump, other federal officials
  22. Israeli Mobility-as-a-Service Provider Moovit to Help Israel’s Citizens Navigate to Polling Stations on Tuesday
  23. Iran’s Khamenei reiterates nuclear deal stance in new year speech
  24. Italian prosecutor seeks Matteo Salvini trial over migrant ship he turned away
  25. First woman in Hamas politburo says her election is not a ‘turning point’
  26. Iran's Khamenei says US promises have no credibility for Tehran
  27. Wingate arson: Ex-marine Sean Ivey 'overwhelmed' by generosity
  28. Ukraine court seizes property, shares of Motor Sich engine manufacturer
  29. Covid: Tory MPs question renewal of emergency powers
  30. JCPOA modifications must be done in favor of Iran if needed
  31. Myanmar Military Seizes George Soros Bank Accounts
  32. FA Cup: Norwood puts the ball into his own net to give Chelsea the opening goal
  33. Celtic 1-1 Rangers: Alfredo Morelos strike maintains champions' unbeaten campaign
  34. Can India solve the world’s COVID-19 vaccine shortage?
  35. Blast Kills One in Restless Iranian Border Area
  36. Saudi-Led Coalition Pounds Houthi Military Sites in Yemen’s Capital, Say Residents
  37. Joe Biden Has Another Senior Moment…
  38. Stolen dogs investigation finds 83 pets in Ipswich raid
  39. Protesters rally against Asian hate across US
  40. 'Sonic boom' in Dorset blamed on 'fireball meteor'
  41. Racism is 'a virus', says Pope Francis, warning of lurking threat
  42. Russia's Envoy To U.S. Back In Moscow After Spat Over Biden's Comment About Putin Being A Killer
  43. Iran's economic progress can be achieved by coop.: Leader
  44. Alan Dershowitz Says Derek Chauvin Can’t Get a Fair Trial in Minneapolis
  45. Infection Rate From Coronavirus at Migrant Shelter Nearly Doubles Texas Average
  46. Gov Newsom Says All Californians Will Be Eligible for Coronavirus Vaccine in a Few Weeks
  47. UK Gov Scientific Advisor: Another Wave of Coronavirus Still Likely
  48. Wisconsin Reclassifies 1,000 Past Setting for Coronavirus Fatalities to Long-Term Care Facilities
  49. Biden Awards $86 Million Contract for Hotel Rooms for Migrants at the Border
  50. Gottlieb: CDC’s Six-Foot Distancing Rule the Costliest Mitigation Measure Taken During Pandemic