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  1. Clubhouse promises creators in its new accelerator program either brand deals or a basic income of $5,000 per month for the three month duration of the program (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)
  2. Oscar nominations 2021
  3. CHTHO chief urges foreign envoys to reflect Iran's realities
  4. High School Basketball Announcer Caught On Hot Mic Calling Girls The N-Word Blames Incident on His Diabetes
  5. Climate Change: 50 Inches Of Snow Falls In Wyoming And Colorado…
  6. Climate change: Jet fuel from waste 'dramatically lowers' emissions
  7. VAERS Data: Deaths Linked to COVID Vaccines Up by 259 in One Week
  8. Mexico’s Imminent Marijuana Legalization Law Leaves US Lawmakers Holding the Joint
  9. ‘Concentration camp’: Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny decries jail
  10. ‘OPERATION HONEYCOMB:’ 40 indicted in massive drug trafficking ring that included 2 day care centers
  11. DeSantis To Beijing Biden: Thought Of Reinstating COVID Lockdowns Are INSANE…
  12. The competition for Egypt: China, the West, and megaprojects
  13. Sudan formally requests four-party mediation in GERD row
  14. Sarah Everard vigil: Woman 'was ignored by police' over exposure report
  15. Everyone’s Invited: Children recount 'rape culture' experiences
  16. Markarova to work on Ukraine getting NATO Membership Action Plan
  17. Pretty Much All Of Europe Has Halted Using Astra-Zeneca Vaccine Over Blood Clotting Fears…
  18. White House to Continue Working With Gov. Cuomo Amid Scandals
  19. Pablo Iglesias: Spain's deputy prime minister quits role to stand in Madrid election
  20. Israel Straddles the Divide as Saudis Vie for Influence Over Temple Mount
  21. Diplomatic Fiasco? Israeli Press Should Wait Before Gloating
  22. Is Bipartisanship on Iran a Lost Cause?
  23. CBS broadcast of Grammys drew 7.89M viewers, less than half the audience from 2020, joining Golden Globes and other shows in suffering steep declines this year (Rick Porter/Hollywood Reporter)
  24. US sanctions, COVID-19 pandemic to be over soon: Zarif
  25. Iranian Realtors in Louisiana
  26. 2 charged in assault of Capitol officer who died after riot
  27. Bomb blast in Pakistan' Karachi claims one life, four injured
  28. Julia Michaels Shows Off Armpit Hair At Grammys…
  29. The Israeli Startup That Began on a Bus Ride Is Revolutionizing the Debugging Industry
  30. Israeli Film ‘White Eye’ Nominated for Oscar for Live Action Short Film
  31. Tunisian Jews Are in Immediate Danger
  32. Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury moves a step closer as Eddie Hearn says two-fight deal agreed
  33. Analysis: Amazon's "Other" business, which is "primarily" ads, had $20B+ revenue in 2020, likely generating between $8.6B and $13.6B in operating income (Benedict Evans)
  34. Biden* Declines To Call For Cuomo To Go…
  35. Palestinians: Jerusalem Arab vote voids US recognition of Israeli capital
  36. ‘One and united’: Libya interim government sworn in
  37. National courts lead the way in prosecuting Syrian war crimes
  38. In the coming weeks, we will issue further guidance on what you can and cannot do
  39. Texas Power Outage May End Favoring Push Toward Renewable Energy
  40. WHO’S THE BOSS? Kamala Harris’ Latest Move PROVES She’s in Charge
  41. Kosovo Follows US, Guatemala in Opening Embassy in Jerusalem
  42. Morocco Hopes for Israeli Tourism Boost When Flights Resume
  43. Afghan Peace Talks Should Rotate Among Countries, Envoy Says Amid Stall
  44. UH-OH – Crackdown has begun on Coinbase….
  45. Australian Government caught trying to sneak through new Digital Vaccine Pass
  46. Fauci Accepted the WRONG Interview Request… Forced to answer real questions.
  47. Oman blocks Clubhouse app, fuelling regional censorship fears
  48. Delivery driver with car full of parcels 'unable to see road'
  49. Which countries have stopped using AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine?
  50. Israel Unveils ‘Battlefield-Changing’ Guided Mortar System