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  1. Container ship in the Suez Canal is set free
  2. Mason Slaine, who owns a 3.4% stake in Tribune, says he would commit $100M toward Bainum's Tribune bid, aiming to acquire the Orlando Sentinel and Sun Sentinel (Lukas I. Alpert/Wall Street Journal)
  3. WHO “Investigator”: We Took China’s Word for It on Wuhan Lab Leak Theory
  4. Dem Rep. Admits Thousands of Illegals Being Released In Texas on “Honor System”
  5. 10 Reasons Why Freedom Is DANGEROUS
  6. Congress Demands Tech CEOs Censor the Internet Even More Aggressively
  7. Covid: Secret filming exposes contamination risk at test results lab
  8. Italian mafia member arrested after tattoos recognised in YouTube cooking video
  9. Coronavirus: What is the importance of 'made in UAE' COVID-19 vaccine?
  10. Fight Talk: Who could Dillian Whyte fight next?
  11. Trial of Derek Chauvin, former officer in George Floyd's death, gets underway
  12. Jehovah's Witness Gets Lengthy Prison Term In Crimea
  13. With Huge Iran Deal, China Hopes Deep Pockets Further Boost Influence In Middle East
  14. China Wants To Lead New World Order…
  15. UK festivals ‘face wave of cancellations without Government insurance backing’
  16. Iran envoy to Russia stresses need for completing INSTC
  17. New chapter: News Corp to buy Houghton Mifflin unit for $349M
  18. England steps slowly out of lockdown, and into swimming pools
  19. Indian Country Today, an online news outlet and daily broadcaster covering tribes and Indigenous peoples, will now operate as an independent company (Associated Press)
  20. Psaki Doubles Down Denying Border Crisis, Calling It ‘Cyclical’ And ‘Seasonal’…
  21. Thanks, Granny: France eyes incentive for elders who pass cash on
  22. Shelter: Iran’s race to build a life-saving COVID ward
  23. Lara Trump Joins Fox News as Contributor
  24. Hungary death toll remains high despite impressive vaccination campaign
  25. Covid: The Sudbury street where neighbours eat, dance and party together
  26. Azadeh Namdari's burial
  27. Virgin Galactic eyes expansion despite launch delay
  28. Biden Press Sec Confronted On Filibuster Hypocrisy: Biden Supported It, Harris Led It, Dems Used It
  29. Father Of Navalny Associate Held On Criminal Charge
  30. WHO report concludes lab leak is 'unlikely' origin of COVID-19: AP
  31. Chauvin Trial: State Expected to Portray Defendant as Aggressive, ‘Mark Fuhrman’ Type in Opening Arguments
  32. Why are schoolchildren being kidnapped in Nigeria? | Start Here
  33. Senate Punts on Taking Up Gun Control Bills as Support for House Background Check Bill Breaks Down
  34. GOP Congressman Schools CNN Host on Dem’s Radical HR1 Bill
  35. Mozambique: Thousands flee besieged Palma by boats
  36. Tech, Housing, Stock, Bitcoin Bubble Is Going To Burst
  37. Australian media giant Nine says it suffered a cyberattack that disrupted live programming on Sunday; the company is working with Australia's cyber intel agency (Nabila Ahmed/Bloomberg)
  38. Eric Trump: If I Lied Like Hunter Biden, I’d Be in Jail
  39. Sen. Graham: “Sick” Biden Is Playing Race Card on GA Election Reform Law, Filibuster
  40. Sen. Cruz: Cartel Members Are “Renting” Children to Bring Them to U.S. Border
  41. Barack Obama's Kenyan grandmother dies, aged 99
  42. How Digital Advertising Alliance's AdChoices tool, which launched in 2010 to let users opt out of personalized ads, is undermined by its cookie-based approach (Aaron Sankin/The Markup)
  43. Fauci Believes Coronavirus Had Time to Mutate in the Wild in Early Days
  44. One Man Stands in the Way of an Investigation Into Gov. Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal
  45. South China Sea Roiled By Chinese Ship Deployment
  46. A Status Report on Navy Unmanned Aerial, Subsurface Platforms
  47. U.S. Space Force Is Finalizing Plan to Procure Broadband From Low-Orbit Satellites
  48. NFL To Announce 17 Game Schedule This Week
  49. Knicks’ Center Options Dwindle With Andre Drummond Joining Lakers
  50. Ukraine reports 48 new COVID-19 cases in armed forces as of March 29