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  1. Pakistan extends school closures amid third wave of coronavirus
  2. Anatomy Of A Cover-Up? Why Belarus's Denials In Death Of Protester Don't Ring True
  3. Sociologists name reasons why Ukrainians don't want to get vaccinated against COVID-19
  4. Austria Extradites Former Russian Culture Official Wanted On Embezzlement Charges
  5. Ivermectin is not a cure for COVID-19, says the European Medicines Agency
  6. Denmark extends AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine suspension for three weeks
  7. Rep. Issa: Border Crisis Was Deliberately Created – CBP and ICE Told to Stand Down
  8. SEC Begins Enforcing Law That Could Delist Chinese Firms From U.S. Exchanges
  9. IRS Had a Backlog of 12 Million Tax Returns by Christmas of Last Year
  10. Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition departs for Vernadsky Research Base
  11. Over 18,500 Ukrainians vaccinated against COVID-19 in past day – health minister
  12. Elizabeth Warren Wants Money Management Company BlackRock Designated Too-Big-to-Fail
  13. China Humiliated Biden’s Team in Alaska; That Never Happened Under Trump
  14. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Blasted For Suggesting Gun Shop Owners Diagnose the Mental Health of Prospective Customers
  15. Winston Churchill, Kermit and Janet Jackson recordings preserved for posterity
  16. Gov. Cuomo Prioritized Coronavirus Testing for His Own Family
  17. Rubio: UFOs are “Flying Over Our Military Bases and No One Knows What They Are”
  18. F-35 Procurement May Be Swayed by Robo-Jets
  19. Santander to close more than 100 branches
  20. Torch relay for Tokyo Olympics kicks off its 121-day journey
  21. Kyiv mayor reports over 1,200 new COVID-19 cases, 35 fatalities
  22. Olympic torch relay begins 121-day journey to Tokyo
  23. Chinese TV stars cut ties with Nike over Xinjiang comments
  24. Suez Canal blockage halts $9.6bn a day of ship traffic
  25. 'If you want to default me, I will gladly sue' - Pospisil sorry for furious rant in Miami
  26. Cargo ship stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal affects shipping worldwide
  27. Russian parliament approves law that could keep Vladimir Putin in office until 2036
  28. VIDEO: 7th anniversary of Saudi-led invasion on Yemen
  29. US Trump’s policy of maximum pressure on Iran has failed
  30. Hryvnia keeps weakening to U.S. dollar on March 25
  31. REPORT: Cuomo Family Received Special Treatment On COVID Testing Early In Pandemic
  32. Disposable face masks poised to become the next plastic crisis
  33. Compound in TCM herbs can stop inflammation and cell destruction caused by devastating bacterial toxin
  34. Shortage of plastic could force a “big fight for materials” after Texas winter storm
  35. Africa experienced 30% rise in COVID cases during 2nd wave: Study
  36. Bolsonaro under pressure as Brazil COVID deaths top 300,000
  37. Rohingya made homeless by devastating Bangladesh camp blaze
  38. Timeline: North Korea’s weaponised diplomacy
  39. Hope for ‘momentum’ as Olympic torch relay kicks off in Japan
  40. 'Jules has Skype calls with Chris Gayle' - Married At First Sight's Cam Merchant on his life in cricket
  41. Armenian PM Denies Contradictions In Comments About Fighter Jets Purchased From Russia
  42. Bloomberg Quicktake says it had an average of 7.4M monthly viewers for its livestream channel and 56M for on-demand videos in its first three full months (Bloomberg Media)
  43. Suez Canal still blocked, causing massive shipping jam: Live
  44. India’s infrastructure king: Adani sees world’s top wealth surge
  45. Chinese hackers used Facebook to spy on Uighurs abroad, firm says
  46. China mulls new state-backed firm to oversee tech data: Report
  47. US to blacklist two Myanmar military-linked conglomerates: Report
  48. Afghan govt. is committed to Iran’s water rights from Helmand
  49. Washington's Obsession with China Expands
  50. Nike, H&M face China fury over Xinjiang cotton 'concerns'