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  1. The Feds Are Pushing Pension Funds Toward “Socially Responsible Investing”
  2. Mortgage Purchase Applications Fall 4% From Previous Week, Mortgage Refi Applications Fall 5.35% With Increasing Mortgage Rates
  3. Prehistoric human bones in Guernsey discovered by coastal walker
  4. Ice Age Farmer: FARMERS FIGHT BACK: French, Croatians Protest Seed Law & Takeover of Food (Its happening)
  5. Is 2021’s Fictional Cyberattack Simulation Prepping Us For a Cyber Pandemic?
  6. Has he ever been right? Quote Tweet
  7. BTC – Lost support on the trend. If it doesn’t find the will to live, it’s going to retest (again) the channel top at 53K.
  8. SF office vacancy hits an all-time high, surpassing dot-com bust…
  9. Savers reviewing retirement plans urged to watch out for online scammers
  10. Angela Merkel backing ‘short, uniform lockdown’ for Germany
  11. Lorraine Cox: Murderer Azam Mangori jailed for at least 20 years
  12. UConn Students Rally to Combat Hate Following Antisemitic Incidents on Campus
  13. Popular Language-Learning App Duolingo Launches Yiddish Course
  14. Road sign blunders see Saxilby and Thorpe on the Hill renamed
  15. Key Witness Believed to Be George Floyd’s Drug Dealer Pleads the Fifth
  16. E-commerce Platform Sells Nazi-Glorifying Merchandise, Despite Removal Request
  17. Iran Has Ramped Up Production of 20% Enriched Uranium Since January: Official
  18. Conservative Group Highlights “Dark Money” Ties to Biden’s Judicial Nominees
  19. Feds Open Two Additional Detention Centers for Unaccompanied Migrant Children
  20. Congressional Dems Endorse Southern Poverty Law Center Report Naming Everything That Moves a Hate Group
  21. James Woolsey, Former CIA Chief, Is No Longer A UFO Skeptic
  22. Democrats Are Going to Cry Racism No Matter What Republicans Do
  23. Travel Restrictions Remain in Place in China, Even Though They Claim the Coronavirus Outbreak Ended a Year Ago
  24. British Catholic Commentator Brands London Police Raid on Church a “Chilling Attack on Freedom of Religion”
  25. Trump’s Leadership PAC Has $85 Million in Cash on Hand as He Prepares for Midterms
  26. A Skeptical President Invites Netanyahu to Form the Next Israeli Government
  27. Deshaun Watson’s First Accuser Speaks Out: “I’m a Survivor of Assault and Harassment”
  28. Rangers Infielder Rougned Odor Is on His Way to the Yankees
  29. Biden Is Covering Up the Real Cost of His Infrastructure Plan
  30. 'Covid-breach' kayaker stuck on Loch Lomond island without paddle
  31. Office workers as team-mates and less 'kick tennis' - England lock Kruis on life in Japan
  32. There are grounds for concern about solar power
  33. Divers rescue Thai Buddhist monk trapped in flooded cave
  34. Marston’s confirms plans to reopen 700 English pubs with beer gardens next week
  35. A paper cowboy rides out his quarantine in Australian hotel
  36. Croatia’s ‘war criminal’ Mirko Graorac: Guilty or innocent?
  37. Brazil's daily deaths from COVID pass 4,000 mark for first time
  38. TikTok: Teen saves boy after seeing crash on livestream
  39. ‘Bullet in the head’: Battle for Yemen key to Iran-US tension
  40. Iran, China to cooperate on pharmacy bilaterally
  41. Causes behind explosion of Iranian ship under investigation
  42. Will Red Sea incident mobilize pro-Iran deal Israel critics in the US?
  43. Toshiba studies acquisition proposal from global fund
  44. Shell expects 200m dollar hit from Texas storm that killed dozens
  45. Ramadan 2021: Fasting hours around the world
  46. Argument over porridge reveals Philippines’ COVID fiasco
  47. Russia may be ‘slowly’ killing Alexey Navalny: Amnesty
  48. Hezbollah wants a representative office in Moscow
  49. US and Iraq set to continue strategic dialogue
  50. Hryvnia gets stronger against U.S. dollar on April 7