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  1. Holocaust scholars ordered to apologise in Polish libel case
  2. Trump’s second impeachment trial to begin with vote over constitutionality
  3. MPs call on Dutch government to recognise 1915 Armenia massacre as genocide
  4. Turkey’s economy may have grown 2.5% last year
  5. Democrats Pass Bill Mandating Government Pay Out $7,000 For Funeral Expenses If Your Family Member Died From COVID, Even If They’re An Illegal Alien…
  6. Currency Reset & Stock Market Crash Could Be Triggered by WallStreetBets, GameStop & Silver Squeeze
  7. WHO RELEASES REPORT ON COVID-19 ORIGIN AFTER INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION IN WUHAN An Australian Newspaper printing a bold faced lie and propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party and WHO. Their own article disproves the headline they wrote.
  8. Biden sending $$ Unemployment & Stimulus as Debit Cards and not direct deposit, WHY?
  9. Annual IDF Intelligence Assessment Says Iran Two Years From a Nuclear Weapon, Hezbollah Still Wants Revenge
  10. Lisa Murkowski Is A Traitor..
  11. Kobe Bryant crash: Pilot broke rules, was disoriented in clouds
  12. Qatar to assist Lebanon’s economic recovery once gov’t is formed
  13. UAE's Hope Probe enters Mars orbit in first Arab mission
  14. Facebook Hires NATO Press Officer Ben Nimmo as Intelligence Chief
  15. Leader of Islamic Revolution vows brilliant future for Iraq
  16. Americans Angry They Longer Qualify For The Stimulus Check Say It’s An Attack By Biden* On Middle Class…
  17. Saira Khan receives threats after saying she is not a practising Muslim
  18. AFL-CIO Leader Richard Trumka Can’t Bring Himself To Properly Criticize Bejing Biden When Asked At Axios…
  19. Iran could pursue nuclear arms, intelligence chief warns
  20. Stock Alert: WESCO Slips 17% After Q4 EPS Miss Street View
  21. Elstone offers to resign as Super League executive chairman
  22. Billy Monger takes on 140-mile Comic Relief challenge
  23. Belarusian Journalists Go On Trial, Charged With Organizing Anti-Government Protests
  24. Snow lovers make the most of winter in Brussels
  25. Myanmar protests continue with police repression
  26. Stock Alert: KalVista Pharmaceuticals More Than Doubles
  27. Iran’s relations with Eastern countries to thwart US plot: MP
  28. Only 36% of Indian Americans think India is on the right track
  29. Trump’s second impeachment trial: What to watch
  30. UK Muslims complain to UN over Sri Lanka’s cremation policy
  31. Find the Best Iranian Realtor in Long Beach
  32. Telesat to Build $5 Billion Broadband Satellite Internet Constellation
  33. Exposed: Petty phone thief makes career with pro-Russian force in Poltava
  34. Biden Extends Ban on Sale of F-35 Stealth Fighter to Turkey
  35. Top U.S. General Says Small Drones the Biggest Threat in the Middle East
  36. Senate Leaders Reach Deal With House Impeachment Managers on Rules for Second Trial
  37. Rights activist: Russia's tactic in Crimea is to stigmatize Crimean Tatars
  38. Hashd al-Sha’abi warns US on new plan to expel troops
  39. Leader's message signals long-term strategic Iran-Russia ties
  40. Federal Reserve Provides Estimates on “Upskilling” vs. College
  41. Liberal Economist Warns Biden Stimulus Could Cause Stagflation
  42. Bitcoin sets fresh records after Elon Musk investment
  43. Iranian Parl. speaker visiting Russia's State Duma
  44. IRGC not to let anyone violate Iran independence, security
  45. Plume of Sahara dust causes spike in European air pollution
  46. How will the Trump impeachment trial unfold?
  47. Iran starts COVID-19 vaccinations with Sputnik V
  48. "Impossible" to complete Nord Stream 2 – expert
  49. Napier Barracks: Refugees decry conditions at UK asylum centre
  50. Inside Nigeria’s illegal backstreet abortion clinics