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  1. Boston Hospital Will Offer ‘Preferential Care Based on Race’
  2. Biden is Issuing Executive Order on Packing Supreme Court with Radical Justices . . . . . . Lied to American People About Court-Packing Many Times During the 2020 Campaign
  3. Teachers Union Boss Posts Group Photo From a Restaurant While Pushing To Keep Classrooms Closed
  4. Janet Yellen’s Latest Idea for Global Taxes is Just a Big Cover Up for Joe Biden’s Tax Plot
  5. DC Ad Vans Funded by Hardline Socialist Who Spends 65% of PAC Money With His Own Companies.
  6. Precious metals are and always have been the ultimate insurance
  8. Is a Cultural Revolution Brewing in America?
  9. Pro-Trump congressman Matt Gaetz faces sex allegations
  10. Biden* Unveils Plan To Pack Supreme Court…
  11. Kentucky governor signs bill limiting ‘no-knock’ police raids
  12. Watford 2-0 Reading: Ismaila Sarr double gives promotion chasers victory
  13. NI riots: Police appeal for calm during more disorder in Belfast
  14. Sir Richard Sutton death: Suspect released from hospital
  15. Print circulations of WSJ and USA Today fell 19% and 60% respectively from Q1 2020 to Q2/Q3 as hotels closed, accounting for the majority of the decline (William Turvill/Press Gazette)
  16. Director of Warsaw Jewish Museum Calls on Polish Catholic University to Take Action Against ‘Blood Libel’ Priest
  17. Cops in British Columbia Investigate ‘Kill Jews’ Graffiti Scrawled Outside Chabad Center
  18. Greek crime reporter shot dead outside home in Athens
  19. U.S. warships to deploy in Black Sea until May 4
  20. Greensill row: David Cameron 'believes he should have sent letter' to Rishi Sunak, says friend
  21. Nielsen says the pandemic shrunk the size of its TV consumer panel, but it defends its viewership data and says streaming's rise doesn't offset linear TV's fall (Brian Steinberg/Variety)
  22. The market is officially on crack… Buy is more vicious than sell since MARCH 23 2020?
  23. Volcano on Caribbean’s St Vincent erupts, spews ash and smoke
  24. All Trump sanctions were anti-JCPOA, must be removed: Zarif
  25. How Bellingcat Launders National Security State Talking Points into the Press
  26. Belarus Lawmakers Approve Amendments That Severely Restrict Civil Rights, Media
  27. Biden: ‘No Amendment To The Constitution Is Absolute’…
  28. No Joke: CNN Claims Biden Policies Are ‘Popular’ With GOP Voters…
  29. FLASHBACK: Biden ATF Nominee Says Common Rifles Should Be Regulated ‘Just Like Machine Guns’…
  30. Trump Endorses Marco Rubio for 2022 Re-Election
  31. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Pay Tribute to Prince Philip
  32. Here we go… Corn skyrocketing. As is pork/hog…. WAGE INFLATION IS COMING
  33. Glenn Greenwald Explains How Real Journalism Works
  34. Migrant Crisis Now WORST IN HISTORY, Biden’s Plan FAILED, This Is A Disaster And Biden Created It
  35. Producer Prices SCREAM Inflation, 4.2% YoY (Highest Since 2011) After Powell Tells Congress That Inflation Risk Is Low
  36. Belgium, South Korea to host Iran 'Careless Crime'
  37. Biden’s Empty Gesture: Houthis No Longer “Terrorists” but Yemen’s Suffering Only Grows
  38. Armenia Accuses Azerbaijan Of Breaking Truce Deal Over Prisoners' Release
  39. Ethnic Kazakh 'Happy To Be Home' After 17 Years Captivity In China
  40. 'No Medical Help': Navalny's Plight Spotlights 'Very Serious Problem' Of Health Care In Russia's Prisons
  41. BRUTAL: Female Postal Worker Viciously Beaten in Flint, Michigan Over Delayed Stimulus Checks (VIDEO)
  42. US Sending Warships to Black Sea
  43. States using covid relief money “US tax dollars” to implement AI systems in cities to read license plate and generate revenue.
  44. Amazon workers in Alabama vote against unionising
  45. Ecuador weighs two very different economic visions in election
  46. Mozambique’s conflict and the question of foreign intervention
  47. Gantz: ICC’s Probe Into Israel’s Alleged War Crimes ‘Blind and Unjust’
  48. Cultural Trends and Jewish Academics Give New Lifeline to Antisemitism
  49. Are Mizrahi Voters the Real Kingmakers in Israel?
  50. Ukraine sees GDP drop by 2.8% in Jan-Feb – Economy ministry