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  1. Biden* Housing Migrant Kids In Detention Camp Contaminated With Waste Despite Claiming Trump Was The Bad Guy For Doing That…
  2. After Years of Propaganda, American Views of Russia and China Hit Historic Lows
  3. Syria lashes out at Zionist regime’s attacks
  4. Nine Years: Remembering Andrew Breitbart
  5. Mexico Wants Biden to Take in Additional 800k Immigrants Per Year
  6. Ghosn escape: Two wanted Americans handed to Japanese authorities
  7. New TV Series Announced About Judo World Champions Saeid Mollaei From Iran and Israel’s Sagi Muki
  8. Court of Arbitration Overturns International Judo Federation’s Ban on Iran Over Discrimination Against Israeli Athletes
  9. BIDEN LIED, PEOPLE DIED: Issues & Insights says the Biden total for his first two months in the Oval Office exceeds 100,000 fatalities. Sorry, Joe, but it works both ways.
  10. Army truck blows up on explosive device in Donbas: Nine soldiers injured
  11. BRINO: UK Now Coordinating with EU to Push-Through Vaccine Passports
  12. After the storm: Texas power coop files for bankruptcy
  13. Facebook News will launch in Germany in May 2021, with partners including Der Spiegel and Die Zeit (Facebook)
  14. For Kosovo's Serbs, the fate of the disappeared looms large 20 years on
  15. US must lift all sanctions against Iran: Chinese FM spox.
  16. Covid vaccines cut risk of serious illness by 80%
  17. Efforts to pass anti-Iranian resolution threaten diplomacy
  18. Irony as Saharan dust returns radiation from French nuclear tests in the 1960s
  19. More pitch talk in media than by England players - Leach
  20. Russia putting lives, ecosystem at risk by ignoring WW2 chemical poisons buried along Nord Stream 2 route – SZRU
  21. Ukrainian Diplomats Accused Of Smuggling Gold, Cash, And Goods
  22. Trump cements grip on GOP, even as some backers look forward
  23. Ghana, Ivory Coast receive world’s first free COVAX jabs
  24. A look at the coming succession battle at News Corp as Rupert Murdoch turns 90 and sources say James hopes to coordinate with his sisters to reset Fox News (Financial Times)
  26. Can President Biden Avoid A Critical Metals Crisis?
  27. Worst for Stocks Over?
  28. US must fulfill its obligations prior to returning to JCPOA
  29. Protesters storm Armenia government building calling for PM Pashinyan's resignation
  30. Donald McNeil writes a four-part rebuttal to the allegations against him, says what happened to him is "a series of misunderstandings and blunders" (Donald G. McNeil Jr/Medium)
  31. Covid: Download Festival cancelled for second year
  32. Recipeasly: Food website removed after blogger backlash
  33. Covid: Family camping on cliff edge fined for lockdown breach
  34. ‘Hopeful’: WTO’s first woman and first African chief starts work
  35. Trump Says He Requested to Have 10k National Guard Troops Ready to Deploy at the Capitol on January 6 – and Pelosi Rejected It
  36. Boris Johnson Says There’s No Reason to Believe Vaccines Ineffective Against Coronavirus Variants
  37. Stimulypto! Atlanta Fed GDPNow At 8.8% With U-5 Unemployment Rate At 7.4% (Federal Debt Up 3x Since Housing Bubble Peak In 2005) Inflation Coming!!!
  38. Online registration for COVID-19 vaccination kicks off on March 1
  39. Capital investment in agriculture, forestry, fisheries shrinks by over 45%
  40. “Do You Miss Me Yet?” – Donald Trump Addresses CPAC
  41. Singapore Goes 8 Months With No Confirmed Flu Cases
  42. NIH: Lasting Immunity Found After Recovering From Coronavirus
  43. At Least 18 Killed During Protests in Myanmar
  44. “Creepy” Video Where Gov. Cuomo Encourages Local News Reporter to “Eat the Whole Sausage” Resurfaces
  45. U.S. Urges African Union to Exert Pressure Over Worsening Situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region
  46. Washington Post Fact Checker Believes Trump Was Still in Office on January 28th
  47. MSNBC: Republicans Don’t Like Big Government Because Racism
  48. Covid-19: Publication of NI lockdown exit plan delayed
  49. A look at the role of Black media in local communities, its slow shift to digital, and the impact of the racial reckoning, which has led to increased funding (Alison Bethel McKenzie/Report for America)
  50. Texas’ Largest and Oldest Electric Power Operator Files for Bankruptcy