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  1. Has BLM, Mob and Media Pressure Pushed Prosecution to Overcharge Chauvin?
  2. Meghan vs the media: A royal media rumble rocks the UK press
  3. Saudi Arabia and Iran have not always been foes
  4. Moscow ready to sell SU-35, SU-57 fighters to Ankara
  5. McKinsey report: Hollywood is leaving $10B/year on the table by ignoring racial inequities in film and TV and should set concrete goals to increase diversity (Nicole Sperling/New York Times)
  6. Is there any substance behind the AstraZeneca vaccine doubts?
  7. How Scots and Catalans are looking to each other to ease their independence woes
  8. Elephant in Room: Corporate Bond Market Bubble at $10.5 Trillion
  9. Moscow to talk with Ankara on sales of SU-35, SU-57 fighters
  10. London to increase number of its nuclear warheads: Report
  11. Let's talk about race: Black athletes on their experiences
  12. Ex-US official says Biden not aware of JCPOA return urgency
  13. Sarah Everard: Serving Met Police officer charged with kidnap and murder
  14. Milić back in Tehran to resume work with Esteghlal
  15. Philippines reports first Brazil COVID variant as new cases surge
  16. South African billionaire Motsepe elected African football chief
  17. US Will Seek to Meddle in Thai Constitutional Referendum
  18. Car bomb in Afghanistan’s Herat province kills several
  19. Iran receives 100,000 doses of Cuban Soberana 2 vaccine
  20. Front pages of Iran’s English dailies on March 13
  21. Iran to suspend retaliatory measures after sanctions removal
  22. Illegal sanctions hampering COVID vaccine access for millions
  23. Headlines of Iranian Persian dailies on March 13
  24. Criss-Cross! M2 Money Velocity Declines -20.5% YoY As M2 Grows At 25.80% YoY (Purchasing Power Declines ANOTHER 1.8% YoY In February)
  25. Biden Faces Republican Claims Spending Bill Is Packed With Pork; Federal Coronavirus Spending Nears $42,000 Per Taxpayer; Treasury Yields Continue Rising
  26. That’s Volatility! First Gold, Then Silver, Then Bitcoin, Then GameStop? (Volatility Reigns With Fed Liquidity)
  27. Germany declares a Covid ‘third wave’ has begun
  28. Fresh anti-coup protests hit Myanmar after night of deadly raids
  29. GOP Senators Week Permanent Estate Tax Repeal
  30. Substack Hurts New York Times’ Feelings, Must Be Censored
  31. Money Is A Meme
  32. Chicago begins discussions on giving reparations to descendants of slaves
  33. STRATEGERY: The Biden Administration’s Afghan ‘Peace Plan’ Is an Act of Desperation.
  34. NEWS FROM 1898: Electricity could help speed wound healing, new study shows.
  35. Wealthy Vatican Requests That the Suffering Poor Up Their Donations, “urging the faithful to continue giving to cover its deficit”
  36. ROGER SIMON: More Big Tech Hypocrisy: Apple Blackballs Parler… Again!
  37. Sarah Everard vigil: Talks continue between organisers and police
  38. The Media Wishes You Didn’t Watch Biden’s Speech
  39. Commercial Real Estate Collapse Triggering A Catastrophic Business Foreclosures
  40. Corinne Masiero: Actress protests naked at 'French Oscars' ceremony
  41. U.S. Senators Condemn Russia's 'Assault' On RFE/RL
  42. Covid-19: Health of 28% needing social care drops in pandemic
  43. China’s next aircraft carrier ‘likely nuclear powered’: Report
  44. Covid-19: UK national day of reflection to be held on 23 March
  45. Week in pictures: 6 - 12 March 2021
  46. Tokyo 2020: The elite athletes training at home
  47. Hungry, angry and fleeing the horrors of war in northern Mozambique
  48. Imagine Dragons: How a text saved singer Dan Reynolds' marriage
  49. Why the GameStop story is far from over
  50. India: How eating online is bringing women money - and freedom