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  1. Ted Cruz Grills Biden’s Far-Left DOJ Nominee
  2. Netanyahu: I Prevented Iran From Acquiring an ‘Arsenal’ of Nuclear Weapons
  3. A Call Not to Ratify California’s Ethnic Studies Curriculum
  4. US Congress approves $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill
  5. 2021 The Year Of Trading Dangerously – Nick Santiago
  6. The Media Is Dying Without Trump
  7. FBI Releases New Video of Suspect Planting Pipe Bombs in DC on January 5th – But Wait for it….
  8. Publishing stamp in Iraqi KRG, against intl. principles, rule
  9. Yahoo News is outpacing WaPo and others on TikTok, with 1.1M followers, by using a combination of partner footage, original reporting, and humor to deliver news (Sarah Scire/Nieman Lab)
  10. Yahya Sinwar re-elected as Hamas chief in Gaza Strip
  11. England's Six Nations pay split 'an easy decision' - Youngs
  12. Biden Grants Right to Vote for Criminals in Prison & on Probation
  13. How many halts we gonna have here? $GME
  14. Armed Citizen Stops Armed Robbery At Atlanta Chic-Fil-A…
  15. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC All Avoid Coverage Of Cuomo Sixth Accuser…
  16. Interview with GB News CEO Angelos Frangopoulos, who says UK's impartiality rules will not prevent it from becoming the country's first anti-"woke" channel (Thomas Colson/Insider)
  17. Sidelines of Cabinet session on Mar. 10
  18. 'I can't wait to see our fans again' - England captain Knight on winning in NZ
  19. Biden’s Asia Czar Spoke At The CCP’s Confucius Institute Propaganda Conference
  20. Neither party has launched investigations into Epstein/Maxwell.
  21. No surprise here, just a sign of the times.
  22. Norway wealth fund to probe firms for Uighur labour links
  23. Pope, After Iraq Trip, Seeks Answers Over Weapons Sales
  24. No difference between Biden, Trump
  25. Meanwhile At Drudge Report…
  26. US main plotter of Yemen’s invasion: Ansarullah
  27. Libyan Parliament Backs Unity Government, Advancing Peace Plan
  28. Saudi Arabia to Take Action to Protect Oil Facilities, Foreign Minister Says
  29. Soap now offensive…yes you read that correctly…SOAP
  30. Canada: New Outbreak of COVID-19 in B.C. Care Home Where Residents and Staff Were Already Vaccinated
  31. Democrat Panel Recommends Permanent Military “Quick Reaction Force” For Capitol
  32. Dem Rep. Clyburn Laughably Claims Biden Isn’t Reluctant to Interact With The Press, Says He’s Too Busy To Hold a Press Conference…
  33. Salisbury Novichok poisoning house to be bought by council
  34. Bipartisan group of US lawmakers re-introduce a bill that will let news organizations negotiate collectively with Google, Facebook, and others (Bloomberg)
  35. Muslim Girl Admits She Lied About French Teacher Who Was Branded An Islamophobe And Beheaded
  36. Pelosi Won’t Say If The 4th Trillion Covid Bill Will Be The Last: ‘You Have To Ask The Virus’…
  37. Biden to double US order of J&J one-shot vaccine
  38. Overwhelmed CBP Shuts Down Three Highway Checkpoints in Arizona
  39. WH Press Secretary Can’t Seem to Answer Why Schools Aren’t Open in Light of New CDC Guidance
  40. Poll Shows Majority of Voters Believe Lockdown States Had More Economic Problems Than Ones That Stayed Open
  41. Wokeness Is Taking Over Prep Schools
  42. 93 Taliban members killed in Afghanistan in past 24 hours
  43. Iran, pioneer in conveying message of Islam to world
  44. Dennis Prager: Most American Schools Are Damaging Your Child
  45. The Kabuki Theater At the Capitol Is About to Get Worse
  46. Biden Associate AG Nominee Grilled by Senate Republicans
  47. Assembling a Jury for the Derek Chauvin Trial Proving to be a Challenge
  48. Cancelled: Unilever Drops the Obviously Offensive Term “Normal” From Its Branding
  49. Newsmax Now the Second-Most Watched Television News Channel By Republicans
  50. Ghislaine Maxwell's US jail conditions 'are torture' - brother