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  1. How An Overheated U.S. Economy Could Create A Debt Crisis For Emerging Markets
  2. A Battle for Monetary Supremacy… Gold, Bitcoin, and Fiat
  3. Martial Law coming to Canada Soon
  4. Skyrocketing Lumber Prices Could Slow Housing Boom
  5. Q1 GDP Rises To 8.321% QoQ, Thanks To Retail Sales And Housing Starts (This Wheel’s On Fire!)
  6. Thirdworldization: The Slow Burning Of America
  7. Sperm from malnourished males transmits information that negatively affects the genetic expression of their offspring
  8. For exposing CNN on video
  9. Corporations invoke “woke” ideology as a cloak to hide their evil intentions
  10. Stock market margin debt, billions of dollars
  11. Markets are at all time highs and I still managed to lose 3200 on Friday in expired Calls with more losses upcoming Friday.
  12. At this time, people are convinced that Debt is infinite & the FED will protect the Economy, investors & population…as ever
  13. Top Iranian General Hejazi Dies At 65
  14. Snopes says the Head of Pf1zer research didn’t say the vaccine is female sterilization, they only said that it causes female recipients to become infertile!
  15. Ad revenue was up dramatically in Q1 YoY for some publishers, including Bloomberg Media, Insider, Vice, Bustle Digital Group, and Axios (Ben Smith/New York Times)
  16. Lenders boosting supply of 5% deposit mortgages as UK Government scheme launches
  17. House prices have jumped by nearly £7,000 in the space of a month
  18. Australia opens travel bubble with New Zealand
  19. Election 2021: Why is turnout so low in one Hull ward?
  20. Scottish election 2021: The voters the parties are vying to win over
  21. Former USC star lineman Chris Brown dies at 24
  22. Suspect Resisting Arrest Shoots Himself During Struggle With California Police
  23. SEE IT: World War II-era plane makes emergency landing in surf off of Florida beach!
  24. 7-year-old girl fatally shot while sitting in drive-thru at Chicago McDonald’s: Police
  25. Northern Ireland: Did anyone warn about Brexit border checks?
  26. Libya: Ten years on the front line
  27. Minnesota National Guard was fired upon early Sunday morning in a drive-by shooting after Rep. Maxine Waters urged BLM to be more confrontational
  28. When poor get ahead, Robbinghood goes down
  29. 2021 elections: Voters urged to register ahead of polls deadline
  30. Big Ask: Children in England asked their hopes for post-Covid future
  31. Clergy speak out over 'racism in Church of England'
  32. CBP Seizes 1,869 Counterfeit Viagra Pills and 1,620 Unsafe Motorcycle Helmets
  33. Frank Judd: Former Labour minister and peer dies aged 86
  34. Utah “Journalist” Goes To The Home Of A Guy Who Donated $10 To Kyle Rittenhouse…
  35. Israel and Greece sign record defence deal
  36. Robertson races to dazzling victory at Crucible
  37. Dushko Vulchev Set Fire To Black Church Over ‘Hatred Of Black People,’ Feds Say
  38. Week's balance: Rada protects foreign currency borrowers, Cabinet appoints tax chief, National Bank raises key rate
  39. Alleged FedEx Shooter Was Part Of “Brony” Culture…
  40. UEFA threatens to ban clubs that join breakaway Super League
  41. Disturbing Video Shows Child Pulled Under Peloton Treadmill in Safety Regulator Warning
  42. At least 11 killed and close to 100 injured in train crash close to Cairo, Egypt
  43. FA Cup: Leicester City 1-0 Southampton highlights
  44. Deputy chief of IRGC Quds passes away
  45. Army Day parade held in Tehran
  46. Russia expels 20 Czech diplomats in retaliatory move
  47. Nasa's Ingenuity Mars helicopter set for first flight
  48. 11 killed after Egypt train accident
  49. Many injured in Egypt's train derailment
  50. Myanmar shadow gov’t demands invite for ASEAN summit talks