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  1. The summer for a bargain? Some of Europe's best players are available for free
  2. Bill to help Hong Kong protesters stay in US as refugees revived
  3. Iran: Military member was involved in murder of nuke scientist blamed on Israel
  4. Iran may pursue nuclear weapons, its intelligence minister warns
  5. Biden Regime Halts Deportation Of Criminal African Migrants 'Due to Black History Month'
  6. Things you’ll know if you’re an amputee athlete
  7. Dance label R&S Records accused of racial discrimination
  8. NY Man, 25, Admits To Hacking Nudes of Dozens of Women
  9. India’s spending on women’s safety ‘grossly inadequate’: Oxfam
  10. Impeachment Managers Show Graphic Video Of Capitol Riot Violence At Start Of Trial
  11. His bumper sticker said ‘not drunk, avoiding potholes.’ You’ll never guess why he was arrested.
  12. Twitter says it has suspended 500+ accounts in India for violating rules but has not taken any action on accounts of journalists, activists, and politicians (Manish Singh/TechCrunch)
  13. Australian court extends detention of Algerian-born Benbrika
  14. ‘They were warned’: Experts on India’s Himalayan glacier disaster
  15. 2020 Presidential Election Vote Fraud – Best Compilation of Evidence Yet
  16. California Marine base missing 10 pounds of C-4 explosives
  17. At least one dead following shooting at US clinic
  18. UK quarantine violators face heavy fines, up to 10 years in jail
  19. Iran’s IRGC receives 340 new boats, some with drones
  20. US must take first step in its JCPOA commitments
  21. High-Powered Explosives Have Gone Missing From The Nation’s Largest Marine Corps Base
  22. South Korea’s jobless rate hits 21-year high as COVID cases rise
  23. WHOA! Florida Man Pushing Bike Survives Vicious Hit-&-Run Caught On Camera
  24. Suspect Identified In Shooting At Minnesota Clinic; 1 Dead, 4 Injured
  25. Myanmar coup: Military raids Aung San Suu Kyi's party headquarters
  26. The Coming Currency Reset with Catherine Austin Fitts
  27. Myanmar protests continue after violence, raid on NLD office
  28. COVID app triggers overdue debate on privacy in Singapore
  29. Woke Super Bowl Ratings Lowest Since 1969, Lowest Viewership In 15 Years…
  30. Investor group calls for Tesco healthy food plan
  31. China urges US to rejoin JCPOA, lift all relevant sanctions
  32. Islamic Rev. role model for all independent nations
  33. Covid: How Serbia soared ahead in vaccination campaign
  34. West Side Story's Rita Moreno: 'J-Lo can't be sole representative' of Latinos
  35. ‘I lost all touch with reality’: Ex-QAnon Believer Reveals How She Escaped The Pro-Trump ‘Cult’
  36. US Coast Guard Offloads More Than $206 Million In Cocaine, Marijuana At Port Everglades
  37. South Korea’s Seoul to test pet cats, dogs for COVID
  38. Twitter wraps ‘extraordinary year’ with Q4 jump in users, revenue
  39. The woman who live-tweets inquests
  40. Trump impeachment: What the Proud Boys did before president's speech
  41. U.S. Senate votes Trump's second impeachment trial as constitutional
  42. Beijing Biden Reverses Trump Proposal To Track Chinese Influence Campaigns In U.S…
  43. The Papers: 'Travel crackdown' and cash for cladding crisis
  44. Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney: Hollywood duo complete Wrexham takeover
  45. Truckloads of Illegal Aliens Found at Texas Border Checkpoint
  46. A closer look at the departure of Donald G. McNeil Jr. from The NYT and the tensions his comments provoked for some students on a NYT-sponsored trip to Peru (Erik Wemple/Washington Post)
  47. fuboTV adds a regional sports fee for customers in Buffalo, Rochester, and the Boston area, to essentially pay for local sports channels NESN and MSG (Jeff Kotuby/The Streamable)
  48. Former Maryland First Lady’s Comment About Killing Britney Spears Resurfaces
  49. Neera Tanden Apologizes For Past Attacks On GOP Promises To Be Bipartisan…
  50. Biden administration will continue to seek Assange extradition