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  1. Some clear thinking on $50,000+ Bitcoin
  2. LOL….Biden randomly drops N word during speech
  3. High Risk, Low Reward for S&P 500 for Foreseeable Future
  4. Speculative financial conditions create asset bubbles that burst. We have the loosest environment yet.
  5. Stock Market Most Overvalued EVER
  6. The U.S. Will Print $7 TRILLION in the Next 24 Months
  7. Why isn’t CNN, Cuomo News Network, investigating the #CuomoCoverup?
  8. ‘Extremely promising’: 1st dose of COVID vaccine cuts illness
  9. Jeep pushed to retire Cherokee name from SUVs
  10. Alex Salmond alleges 'malicious' attempt to damage him
  11. Boeing Delta Flight Diverted After Engine Troubles…
  12. Internal memo: Slate indefinitely suspended The Gist host Mike Pesca over a Slack discussion; sources: he argued for the use of the N-word in some cases (Kelsey McKinney/Defector)
  13. Gender-reveal device explosion kills father-to-be
  14. El Chapo's wife Emma Coronel Aispuro arrested in US over 'drug trafficking'
  15. Biden White House observes moment of silence for half million COVID-19 deaths
  16. Boeing Delta flight diverted to Salt Lake City after engine issues
  17. 500,000 deaths: The 'colourful' lives lost to Covid
  18. Covid US death toll: Imagining what 500,000 lost lives look like
  19. Roadmap: 'We're delighted to have dates to work towards'
  20. 17,300 Oldest Drawing Found in Australia, of Kangaroo, Life Size Image
  21. Boeing Delta flight diverted to Salt Lake City after engine issues
  22. 2 Florida women busted while dressed up as “grannies” to get COVID-19 vaccine
  23. Iran’s Interior Min. arrives in Tajikistan for bilateral talk
  24. Facebook's Australian news ban may leave it operating like WeChat, with news provided by platform-specific content houses posting tons of low-quality articles (Nieman Lab)
  25. Sri Lanka human rights: UK seeks new UN resolution on abuses
  26. Canada's parliament declares China's treatment of Uighurs 'genocide'
  27. BODYCAM: Woman in towel escapes from window before armed intruder is shot dead by cop with rifle
  28. LIVE: President Biden speaks from the White House
  29. Family of US citizens held in Iran press for their release
  30. ‘Pandemic Duffer’ Fauci Floats Idea of Mask Wearing Into 2022
  31. Tenn. father wanted for shooting 8-month-old baby in the head
  32. El Chapo’s Wife Arrested In Virginia
  33. Climate change a grave security threat - Boris Johnson
  34. Giles & Porter in GB Euro Indoors squad but Asher-Smith out with injury
  35. BOOM! SD Governor Kristi Noem Pummels Reporter Into Silence For Asking Tasteless Question
  36. Texas Homeowners Power Bill Hit $17,000! Rates Skyrocket as Outages Widespread!
  37. NASA showcases dramatic video of Mars landing, releases images
  38. US’s Blinken Stresses Two-State Solution to Palestinian Conflict in Call With Israeli Minister
  39. Top NY Civil Rights Advocate Under Fire for Calling Orthodox Jews ‘Extremist Bloc’ in Media Interview
  40. Jewish Former New York Superintendent Says in Lawsuit She Was Pushed Out Over ‘Equity Platform’
  41. Late Palace winner stuns Brighton
  42. Merrick Garland Claims Antifa Attacking Federal Buildings Is Not Terrorism Of Any Sort…
  43. Covid: US passes half a million Covid deaths
  44. Josh Warrington: Mauricio Lara rematch could be make or break for career
  45. U.S. Says It Won't 'Lash Out' After Blaming Iran For Rocket Attack On U.S. Embassy In Baghdad
  46. Channel crossings: Migrant boats with 49 people on board intercepted
  47. EU agrees to sanctions on Myanmar military, Russian officials
  48. England v Northern Ireland: Lionesses cannot wait to return, says Steph Houghton
  49. Retail trade on rise in Ukraine in Jan 2021
  50. Jewish Students Plan Virtual Rally as MPs Join Outcry Against Antisemitic Bristol Professor