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  1. Getting unconfirmed reports from foreign new sources—–Ukraine’s Army Chief of Staff announced the start of the campaign in Donbass.
  2. Crime victims to be told when perpetrators leave prison
  3. Myanmar facing ‘bloodbath’ UN envoy tells Security Council
  4. Amazon Recruited an Army of Twitter Trolls and Code-Named It ‘Veritas’ to Target Critics and Defend Jeff Bezos
  5. World Health Organization Investigator Peter Daszak Admits Long-Standing Ties to the Chinese Communist Party . . . on State Media
  6. President Trump latest interview get in here before they shut it down!
  7. Australia lifts Brisbane lockdown as COVID cases dwindle
  8. San Diego businesswoman sentenced to 15 years in prison for massive Ponzi scheme
  9. Teen shot, killed in what sheriff’s office calls ‘horrible accident’
  10. Ex-government analyst Daniel Hale, charged with leaking drone warfare info to a reporter apparently at The Intercept, pleads guilty to violating Espionage Act (Rachel Weiner/Washington Post)
  11. Police arrest three suspects in two-year-old case of 17-year-old woman’s murder
  12. Indonesia on edge ahead of Easter after church bombing
  13. FEDS: Man swindled millions from Tyson Foods in ‘Ghost-Cattle’ scam causing cost of food to rise for years
  14. Facebook bans 'voice of Trump' from platform
  15. Covid-19: Few people with symptoms are self-isolating, study finds
  16. US Dollar’s Share Of Global Reserves At Lowest Level In 25 Years!
  17. Climate change: Net zero targets are 'pie in the sky'
  18. Assisted dying inquiry essential, leading brain surgeon says
  19. Dragons' Den: The hits, misses, and why investments fall through
  20. Germany and Namibia: What's the right price to pay for genocide?
  21. Why April is a big month for your finances
  22. How satellite images are helping one country hand out cash
  23. Lockdown: Are people losing skills they're not using?
  24. Nicole Thea's husband Global Boga: 'My world has been taken away’
  25. Why I bought the Lil Nas X 'Satan Shoes'
  26. Former Intelligence analyst admits to leaking classified information to reporter
  27. McConnell SLAMS Biden’s $2T Infrastructure Bill
  28. Hunter Biden Calls President Trump A Vile Man…
  29. Texas Trooper Chad Walker Taken Off Life Support After Organ Donation
  30. How brands like GoDaddy and GoodRx appeared on Steve Bannon's new outlet, illustrating that the way people think about brand safety has outlived its usefulness (Nandini Jammi/BRANDED)
  31. The Papers: Race report 'backlash' and Queen 'gets second jab'
  32. Millions of J&J COVID vaccines ruined due to ‘human error’: NYT
  33. How the IDF invented ‘Roof Knocking’, the tactic that saves lives in Gaza
  34. Brazil names new armed forces commanders amid political tensions
  35. WATCH: Newly released bodycam shows frantic officer-involved shooting in L.A.
  36. Man City want Messi and Haaland double - Thursday's gossip
  37. Netflix is paying $450M for the rights to Knives Out 2 and Knives Out 3, the follow-ups to the 2019 mystery with director Rian Johnson and star Daniel Craig (Variety)
  38. Sources: Comcast's NBCUniversal is considering pulling its movies from HBO Max and Netflix and keeping future releases for Peacock (Lucas Shaw/Bloomberg)
  39. Butler Students Claim Angela Davis Speech ‘Cancelled’ After ‘Zionist’ Pressure, While University Describes Postponement Over Procedure Error
  40. Bet365 boss earns £469m in a single year
  41. Biden Scraps Trump’s Restrictions On Transgender Troops, Pentagon Will Pay For Gender Transition
  42. Covid 19: Inside the BioNTech vaccine factory in Germany
  43. Entertainment group Endeavor, parent of WME and UFC, has filed its prospectus for a possible IPO, disclosing a $625.3M net loss in 2020 with revenue of $3.5B (Cynthia Littleton/Variety)
  44. Northern Ireland's qualifying hopes take hit with Bulgaria draw
  45. Putin critic Navalny on hunger strike over Russian prison treatment
  46. Despite vaccination success, Hungary sets daily record COVID deaths
  47. Biden Scraps Trump’s Restrictions On Transgender Troops, Pentagon Will Pay For Gender Transition
  48. Adams scores first international goal as Scotland thrash Faroes to go second in group
  49. Biden Unveils $2 Trillion Infrastructure and Tax Proposal – Trump Blasts “Radical” Plan
  50. China Prepping For War With U.S. Over Taiwan…