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  1. Istanbul meeting on Afghan peace postponed
  2. TikTok sued for billions over use of children's data
  3. Israel Celebrates its 73rd Birthday Amid Nuclear Threats from Iran
  4. Turkey postpones Afghanistan peace summit over Taliban no-show
  5. Bodycam Video Shows 16yo Ma'Khia Bryant Attempting to Stab Woman Before Being Shot by Police
  6. Police fatally shoot black teenaged girl in Ohio as Floyd verdict announced
  7. Iran not to permit nuclear talks turn to tiring negotiations
  8. Britain to expand Op ORBITAL in Ukraine to exchange experience
  9. For India’s poor, lockdown policing adds to pandemic hardships
  10. Report: Mideast countries top executions list outside China
  11. Football Super League breakaway in ruins after English clubs quit
  12. ‘Ocean in crisis’: Global plan to protect world’s seas
  13. U.S. Senator: SFRC to vote on Ukraine Security Partnership Act with more military aid
  14. Chris Vermeulen: Opportunities Abound as the Commodities Super Cycle is Just Getting Started
  16. ‘Maxine Waters believes there is value in violence’: Kevin McCarthy says up to 15 Dems could vote for his motion to censure Waters and warns it is not the first time she has called for violent unrest
  17. Google is suppressing public health studies they do not agree with.
  18. DHS LEAK: Known Associate of Yemeni Men on Terrorism Watchlist Apprehended Near Border
  19. Mitch McConnell Criticizes Maxine Waters and Joe Biden for Attempting to Influence George Floyd Trial
  20. Sugar DOOM! Domino sugar plant in Baltimore ablaze. Building folded in on itself.
  21. They Convicted an Innocent Man – Paul Craig Roberts
  22. FOX NEWS – DOGEcoin is now worth more than Ford!
  23. ABC News Reporter Who Doxxed a Paramedic Over His $10 Donation to Kyle Rittenhouse Announced He’s Leaving Social Media Over ‘Threats’
  24. VIDEO: “Fatal officer-involved shooting in Columbus, Ohio. One person dead. Crowd is starting to show up.” Possibly Teenage Girl
  25. LIVE: Police Chasing Quads Offroading in San Bernardino, California
  26. Navalny's supporters fear Russia's Putin wants him dead
  27. Climate change: Growing doubts over 'chip fat' biofuel
  28. Enormous Fire Breaks Out At Domino Sugar Factory In Baltimore…
  29. Middle East states dominate list of top executioners in 2020 - Amnesty
  30. Family: 15-year-old Makiah Bryant shot dead by police in Columbus, Ohio
  31. Competitors like Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video have cut into Netflix's share of viewer attention, but the company is in its best financial shape ever (Edmund Lee/New York Times)
  32. Competitors like Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video have cut into Netflix's share of viewer attention, but the company is in its best financial shape ever (Lauren Hirsch/New York Times)
  33. Newspaper headlines: Super League 'in tatters' and Chauvin found guilty
  34. Is an Ex-Crackhead our last chance?
  35. Saint Floyd? Pelosi Thanks Floyd For Dying Too…
  36. UK households ‘have suffered bigger income hits than those in France or Germany’
  37. George Floyd death: Ex-police officer Derek Chauvin found guilty of third-degree murder
  38. US Gen McKenzie has ‘grave doubts’ about Taliban’s reliability
  39. India Covid-19 second wave: Shortage of oxygen, beds and even cremation slots
  40. Coronapas: The passport helping Denmark open up after Covid
  41. Surfer reunited with big wave board discovered 2,700km away
  42. London elections: 'I don't feel welcome in this city'
  43. The beauty ideal fuelling an illicit drugs trade
  44. WATCH: Live Reaction To Guilty Chauvin Verdict, Pres. Biden & VP Harris Speak
  45. Netflix misses target for growth in global subscriptions
  46. Annnnnnnd Here Come The George Floyd Riots 2.0
  47. Bat Out Of Hell composer Jim Steinman dies
  48. Defiant Assad announces presidential elections in Syria
  49. George Floyd: Crowd outside court reacts to Derek Chauvin guilty verdicts
  50. BREAKING: Derek Chauvin Found Guilty On All Charges…