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  1. 1 killed, 2 injured in blast in Afghanistan's Nangarhar
  2. Venezuela jails two spies for giving US oil data
  3. Headlines of Iran’s Persian-language dailies on Feb. 7
  4. UN envoy arrives in Tehran to discuss Yemen crisis
  5. Two US convoys targeted in central Iraq
  6. Iran warns of ‘decisive response’ to any Israeli adventurism
  7. failed to meet Covid refund deadline
  8. FCA warning over 'risky' TikTok trading tips
  9. NYT's new disclosures about Neil Sheehan's deception of Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, and its framing, raise concerns about journalistic ethics (Edward Wasserman/Mother Jones)
  10. Iraq's Yazidi community buries 104 victims of IS massacre
  11. Tens of thousands protest Myanmar coup amid internet blackout
  12. Myanmar coup: Thousands gather for second day of protests
  13. Myanmar coup: Crowd gathers for second day of protests
  14. Aristocrats vs “We the People” – John Rubino
  15. AstraZeneca COVID jab ‘less effective against S Africa variant’
  16. Covid: Oxford-AstraZeneca jab protection against South Africa variant 'limited', study suggests
  17. TSA To Fine Flyers Up To $1,500 For Not Masking Up…
  18. Complex operation of Army Air Force not to be forgotten: Cmdr
  19. Cuba opens up its economy to private businesses
  20. Pawfect payday for sheepdog record breaker Kim
  21. Into the wild: Could lynx be reintroduced to Scotland?
  22. Highlands photographer's humorous finds in snow and ice
  23. Portland Chesil Beach flooding: Video shows 'freak wave'
  24. TikTok singer Amy Hawkins, 110, becomes viral sensation
  25. Lib Dems; Uneasy party ponders long road back to EU
  26. Carlos Soria: The 81-year-old conquering the world's highest peaks
  27. Covid: 'I'm chancing a holiday abroad in 2021 - why not?'
  28. Covid-19: The speech therapists helping patients find their voices
  29. Keeping the faith: Christian chaplains in the time of Covid
  30. HIV: Two generations share their experiences
  31. Ex-beautician farmer raising mental health awareness
  32. Wyoming GOP Censures Liz Cheney For Voting To Impeach President Trump…
  33. Film awards 2021: The 21 contenders to watch
  34. Covid testing expanded to more workplaces in England
  35. The papers: Vaccines at work and online giants 'face tax raid'
  36. FLASHBACK: Democrats Objected To Electoral Vote Counts In OH In 2005…
  37. US to end deals to send asylum seekers back to Central America
  38. Pope Francis appoints first woman to the Synod of Bishops
  39. Murray angry at missing Australian Open & questions LTA's Covid protocols
  40. Manchester United 3-3 Everton: Dominic Calvert-Lewin scores late goal to deny hosts
  41. Small-sized industries can help promote Iran-Russia trade tie
  42. Biden Admin to Remove Terrorist Designation for Yemen’s Houthis
  43. U.S. and China Diplomats Have First Call Since Biden Took Office
  44. Biden DHS Worried About Causing “Undue Stress” to Illegal Immigrants
  45. Filings: Ilhan Omar Campaign Contributed Nearly 80% of Payments to Husband’s Consulting Firm
  46. Karl Rove Backs Amnesty
  47. Filings: Nearly 80% of Ilhan Omar Campaign Payments Went to Her Husband’s Consulting Firm
  48. Mastermind: John Humphrys to step down host
  49. Supreme Court Rules California Cannot Enforce Restrictions On Churches During Pandemic…
  50. CNN Appears to Have Lied About the Death of Capitol Officer Sicknick