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  1. UK eases COVID restrictions while much of mainland Europe grapples with surge in cases
  2. Forgotten man to England starter? How Lingard is driving West Ham towards the Champions League
  3. Vox Media says it's buying Cafe Studios Inc., which publishes podcasts including one hosted by ex-US attorney Preet Bharara; Café Studios will remain as a brand (Benjamin Mullin/Wall Street Journal)
  4. The Papers: Harry 'arrives in UK', and 'shutters come up'
  5. Israel appears to confirm it carried out cyberattack on Iran nuclear facility
  6. WATCH: Video shows fast food employee jump out of drive-thru window to assault customer over ‘discount’
  7. A California man was convicted of a federal hate crime for attempting to stab a Black man while on probation for another ‘racially motivated’ assault
  8. Army Officer Sues Virginia Police Over Violent Traffic Stop…
  9. ‘Left Handed’ ready to vie at intl. festivals
  10. Tesla: The Next Enron?
  11. Easy to support tax hikes when you don’t even pay the tax rates that are currently in place.
  12. Canada’s largest province hits new high of daily COVID infections
  13. Go inside the ‘Lost golden city of Luxor’ discovered by archaeologists in Egypt
  14. Dashcam Shows Horrific Shooting Of New Mexico Police Officer…
  15. Britain’s Chief Rabbi Pays Tribute to Prince Philip: ‘I Could See His Deep Interest in Jews and a Particular Connection to the Holocaust’
  16. Report: Leftist Podcaster Visited by California Police After Criticizing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Remarks on Israel
  17. Israel Soccer Association Calls for Peace and Unity After Roger Waters Urges Ban of Jewish State’s Teams
  18. Ukraine says soldier killed in shelling by Russia-backed forces
  19. UEFA Calls On Serbia To Investigate Alleged Match-Fixing
  20. Illinois man who tried to supply cell phone detonators to ISIS tells judge he’s a “big softy” and a “teddy bear”
  21. Several migrants found dead on boat off Spain’s Canary Islands
  22. Iran Says Natanz Atomic Site Blackout Is “Nuclear Terrorism”
  23. Bill to Ban Coronavirus Vaccine Passports in the U.S. Introduced
  24. KKL-JNF approves West Bank land purchases, pending final authorization
  25. Covid: Police 'regret' over halting church Good Friday mass
  26. Chilling video shows New Mexico cop’s shooting death during traffic stop
  27. Iranian documentaries to vie at Trento film fest.
  28. Bafta Film Awards 2021: Nomadland and Promising Young Woman win big
  29. Lobo Tiggre: The Four Horseman of the gold price apocalypse … Rick Rule: A commodity supercycle is coming …
  30. California Becomes First in the U.S. to Ban New Gas Stations… Bill Introduced to Ban Pumping own Gas in Illinois
  31. 5 DUMBEST things Americans are doing that make themselves more susceptible to catching and maybe dying from the upcoming Covid-19 virus mutations
  32. Gasoline prices in California approaching $4 per gallon
  33. Police investigate self-defense claim after 16-year-old boy fatally shot in Nashville
  34. FBI: High-powered laser puts U.S. Air Force crew at risk over Georgia
  35. Will brain-computer interfaces transform human lives?
  36. Teenage Anti-Gun Activist David Hogg Calls His Pillow Company Quits After Just A Few Short Weeks…
  37. America Has Made a Serious Mistake on UNRWA
  38. President Biden: Israel’s Friend or Foe?
  39. Iraq's national security advisor due in Tehran
  40. Zionist regime TV claims Mossad behind Natanz incident
  41. Vandoorne bounces back from disappointment to take Formula E Round 4 in Rome
  42. Rights reserved to act against Natanz incident perpetrators
  43. Prince Philip: How can Prince Harry attend the funeral?
  44. Iran Reports 258 Coronavirus Deaths, Highest Daily Toll Since December
  45. Images of Piton de la Fournaise volcano erupting in France's Reunion Island
  46. The Race Is on to Bring Saffron’s ‘Red Gold’ to Israelis
  47. Tel Aviv University Reveals Major Breakthrough in Battle Against Brain Cancer
  48. Coronavirus: UK sets new record for Covid jab second doses
  49. Qatar Red Crescent to launch global refugee vaccination project
  50. Comment On, “Do Doctors Have To Have The COVID-19 Vaccine?”