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  1. Covid: Deaths in England and Wales fall 92% since January peak
  2. Ukraine conflict: Moscow could 'defend' Russia-backed rebels
  3. Ex-firefighter charged in Easter Sunday church arson
  4. More than 500 million users’ personal data compromised in Facebook privacy breach
  5. Chile locks down country again despite its lead in coronavirus vaccinations
  6. Fauci’s NIAID awarded the grant that funded Wuhan lab to genetically modify bat-based coronaviruses
  7. “Experts” Puzzled Why States With Fewer Restrictions Have Fewer COVID Cases…
  8. Norway death: Police ask how Oslo man's body lay in flat for nine years
  9. The Biden Administration’s Mideast ‘Insanity’
  10. Thousands evacuated following flash floods in Indonesia
  11. Newham art wall: 'Other than the murders, everything is fine'
  12. Pig saves its own bacon in Devon trailer escape
  13. Iran pres candidate gives racist/sexist rant: Women resort to African men
  14. This Economic Data Point Is A Bearish Signal
  15. Natalie Portman and the Use of Innocuous Forums to Attack Israel
  16. Prince William: Banks must do more to protect environment
  17. Record number of unaccompanied children picked up at US-Mexico border
  18. Rare blood clots - what you need to know
  19. CNN’s Jake Tapper Touts MLB’s Georgia Departure, Defends CNN’s Atlanta HQ
  20. Tucker Carlson: Arkansas Governor Didn’t Tell the Truth
  21. Top US embassy staffer found hanging in hotel: report
  22. Winning: Arizona Legislature Passes Resolution Opposing H.R. 1, the Federal Government’s Power Grab to Control State Elections…. Lawsuit Forces Pennsylvania To Take 21,000 Dead People Off Its Voter Rolls
  23. Ukraine’s president visits conflict zone in east of country
  24. Experian adding credit unions to loan comparison services
  25. Student nurse's viral video helps raise £38k to fund degree
  26. Colorado Vaccine Site Closes After Bad Reactions To Johnson & Johnson Shot…
  27. Saturnino Navazo: Spanish survivor of a Nazi concentration camp
  28. Serbia invites its neighbours over for a COVID vaccine
  29. Belfast protesters set fire to hijacked bus as violence continues
  30. Death toll in Sudan’s West Darfur clashes rises to 132
  31. Clubhouse: Is the audio app really worth $4bn?
  32. Sachin Tendulkar: India legend leaves hospital following coronavirus infection
  33. Pro-Kremlin media reinvigorate disinformation amid military build-up along Ukraine's borders – experts
  34. Egyptian court sentences Muslim Brotherhood leader to life in prison
  35. GDP growth to exceed 4% in 2021 – advisor to chief of president's office
  36. When Confronted On Genocide In China, Press Sec Says Biden Still Not Considering Beijing Olympics Boycott…
  37. Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Rise Again
  38. Alexei Navalny: 'Putin can't afford to let him live,' says Magnitsky campaigner Bill Browder
  39. Ombudsperson urges int'l community to react to Russian FSB torturing Ukrainian journalist in custody
  40. Iran-Turkmenistan relations are deep, Zarif tell Turkmen FM
  41. Zelenskiy Visits Eastern Ukraine Amid Rise In Tensions, Russian Troop Movements
  42. Chinese tech company develops robo dogs
  43. U.S. Murder Rate Jumps to Levels Not Seen Since the 90s
  44. Samantha Bee Admits She’s Going Easy on Biden
  45. Biden Admin Takes Next Step Toward Undermining Due Process for Sexual Assault Accusations in Schools
  46. Biden Undoes Trump’s Cuts in Palestinian Funding
  47. Biden Releases Details of $2.5 Trillion in New Taxes
  48. Carnival May Switch Home Ports to Outside U.S. if CDC Doesn’t Ease Restrictions
  49. Lviv authorities extend tough quarantine bans until April 19
  50. U.S. Reportedly Prepared to Consider Diplomacy With North Korea Aimed at Denuclearization