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  1. Greensill: Emails reveal Cameron's lobbying of Bank of England
  2. License to scroll: UK spy agency MI5 joins Instagram
  3. What is next for Aleksey Navalny’s movement?
  4. Manchester Arena Inquiry: Police 'had to wait in 999 queue' after bomb
  5. DC Statehood Bill Passes House 216-208 – Lacks 60 Votes in Senate to Clear Filibuster
  6. Haki Madhubuti Pt. 2: Liberation Narratives
  7. Why did Denmark ditch the AstraZeneca vaccine?
  8. Seven injured in stabbing at Dutch asylum-seekers centre
  9. Biden Agrees to Iran’s Demands for Sanction Relief to Advance Nuclear Talks
  10. Minneapolis prepares for Daunte Wright funeral
  11. Russia to pull back troops from Ukraine border
  12. Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian Invests in Israeli Podcast Platform
  13. CONSTANT VAPING could be worse than smoking cigarettes – Find out why and how to quit your evil “nicotine delivery device” naturally
  14. German police pepper spray protesters at rally against new Covid bill
  15. MARK DICE: The Truth About Black Lives Matter New Poster Child
  16. Russia says it is withdrawing its large deployment of troops near Ukraine's border
  17. Earth Day Summit: Biden opens with pledge to slash US emissions
  18. BLM: Black Communities ‘Terrorized’ More Under Biden ‘Than They Had Been Under Trump’…
  19. 'I’d aged 30 years': Long COVID sufferers describe debilitating symptoms
  20. For Earth Day, Delving Into Israel’s ‘Overlooked’ Sea
  21. Facebook says there are 2B+ users each month watching videos eligible for in-stream ads and is starting a test of targeting by topic for in-stream video ads (Anthony Ha/TechCrunch)
  22. Facebook Disables PA-Linked Accounts ‘Used for Spying’
  23. Azerbaijan Seeks to Expand Bilateral Trade With Israel
  24. GOP Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Require Iran Deal to Be Submitted as Treaty
  25. Infographic: The most valuable football clubs in the world
  26. Deep Inside Chernobyl's Radioactive Ruins
  27. Sentence Upheld Of Russian Soldier Who Killed Eight After Brutal Hazing
  28. Sources: Apple plans to expand its ad business and add a second ad slot in the App Store search page even as it introduces privacy rules crippling ads by rivals (Financial Times)
  29. Fishmongers' Hall: Prison chaplain 'conned' by 'remorseful' terrorist
  30. Russia holds major drills in Crimea amid Ukraine tensions
  31. Sen. Cotton Cites Adam Schiff as Potential Source for Bogus “Russian Bounties” Reporting
  32. Sens. Cornyn and Sinema to Introduce Bill Targeting Border Surge
  33. Thousands Attend Pro-Navalny Protests Across Russia; More Than 1,700 Detained
  34. Sen. Sanders Releases “Free College” Plan
  35. Census Data Shows Share of Children in Single Parent Homes Has Doubled Since 1968
  36. There’s No Way Americans Can Trust The Jury’s Chauvin Verdict
  37. NASA Looks to Private Companies to Develop the Next Generation of Spacewalk Technology
  38. The Top 10 Linebackers in the NFL Draft
  39. Prince Harry Skips Queens 95th Birthday
  40. Biden Expected To Recognize Massacre Of Armenians As 'Genocide'
  41. Syrian anti-aircraft missile lands near Israeli nuclear site
  42. Taylor Wimpey getting ‘back to winning ways’ amid Government support
  43. Iranian nation won't stop advancing under cruel sanctions
  44. ‘Stop fossil fuel expansion’: Nobel laureates urge climate action
  45. U.S. considers more arms shipments to Ukraine amid Russian build-up – media
  46. IRGC forces kill 2 terrorist elements in clashes in Marivan
  47. Carbon in the sky and climate change: Earth Day by the numbers
  48. Mouse deer born at Bristol Zoo is the height of a pencil
  49. E.On compensates customers after Christmas blunder
  50. Domino’s dishes up sales surge as lockdown boosts delivery demand