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  1. 6 moderators control 118 of the top 500. A peek behind the curtain of the social engineering machine called Reddit
  2. Why Not: CDC Endorses Double Masking
  3. 22 Bahman rallies in provinces (3)
  4. Downing Street defends publicly-funded photos of PM's dog Dilyn
  5. Arguments to begin in Trump Senate impeachment trial: Live
  6. The ICC’s Decision to Investigate Israel Is Baseless but Dangerous
  7. Israeli Drone Passes Test in GPS-Denied Environments, Speeding Up Drone-Based Delivery Goals
  8. Marty Baron says WaPo should have been much more forthright about Trump's lies and "needed to call them that from the very beginning" (Spiegel Online)
  9. Dallas Mavericks Cease Playing The National Anthem At Games At Direction Of Mark Cuban…
  10. The Atlantic launches Inheritance, a multiyear project to make oral histories and other artifacts of Black history and ancestry widely accessible (The Atlantic)
  11. Finns in snowshoes create golf course artwork
  12. US Coast Guard rescues trio stranded on deserted island for 33 days
  13. 22 Bahman rallies in provinces (2)
  14. Sri Lanka to allow COVID burials for Muslims after outcry
  15. Iran condemns Kabul blasts
  16. Nicola Sturgeon denies breaching ministerial code over Alex Salmond
  17. Democrats to argue Trump alone incited mob
  18. Is an end to Yemen’s war finally in sight?
  19. 'Worrying' if minorities don't get jab - Van-Tam
  20. Brazil's Amazon riverside communities receive COVID jabs
  21. Ukrainian Ex-President's Son Among Those Likely To Be Removed From EU Sanctions List
  22. Study Suggests Russia Is Dramatically Underreporting COVID-19 Deaths
  23. Colombia Grants Temporary Protected Status to Nearly One Million Illegal Venezuelans
  24. Myanmar Police Fire on Protesters, Injuring Four, One Critical
  25. EU Says Russian May Face New Sanctions Over Jailing of Navalny
  26. Dems Push Bill to Teach Children Difference Between What Dems Believe Is Fake and Credible Media
  27. Kate Winslet Discusses Her Career Slump Following “Titanic”
  28. Knicks Trade For Derrick Rose Prompted After a Lot of Pressure
  29. NYSE Poised to Leave New York If Stock Transfer Tax Is Imposed
  30. Mortgage Demand Falls as Interest Rates Inch to 3-Month High
  31. World-famous Bayeux Tapestry to go online
  32. Covid: Too soon to book holiday, minister warns
  33. Senators to hear opening arguments as Trump fumes over trial
  34. EU over-optimistic, over-confident and late on vaccine rollout – von der Leyen
  35. ‘Frankly wrong’: WHO official derides US intelligence on COVID
  36. ‘Catastrophic’: Outrage grows over Egypt’s new tourist attraction
  37. Redrow warns over impact from self-isolating workers as profits rise
  38. Athens heads back into lockdown to curb resurgence in COVID-19 cases
  39. Tehran’s iconic Azadi Square during rallies
  40. Final communiqué vows to defeat US pressures with resolve
  41. Rights Group Says Jailed Azerbaijani Journalist In Danger As Hunger Strike Continues
  42. Int'l Advisory Group pledges support for SBU reform
  43. South Africa scraps roll-out of AstraZeneca vaccine
  44. Hryvnia gets stronger against U.S. dollar on Feb 10
  45. Covid: Prince Charles and Camilla get first vaccine
  46. Covid-19: Sports equipment presents 'low risk'
  47. 22 Bahman rallies in Hamedan
  48. UN Security Council fails to agree on joint Syria declaration
  49. Countering ‘love jihad’ by celebrating India’s interfaith couples
  50. EU concerned about Russian disinformation on vaccination in Ukraine