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  1. WHO approves Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine for emergency use
  2. NY Times Retracts Story Claiming Officer Was Killed With Fire Extinguisher on Jan 6
  3. Support for a Third Party Reaches All Time High
  4. Post-Traumatic Stress in the Wake of the War on COVID-19
  5. Baby born safely in Grimsby hotel car park
  6. Texas Power Outages Blamed On Frozen Wind Power Turbines…
  7. Prominent University College London Scholar Resigns After Academic Board Rejects Leading Definition of Antisemitism: ‘You Are All Going to Hell!’
  8. Increasing Jewish Presence in the Golan Heights Is a Must
  9. Parler app back online after month-long gap
  10. Iran Denies Citizen Detained In Turkey Is A Consulate Employee
  11. Former NFL Star Arrested For Beating A Man Unconscious…
  12. Impeachment Aide Says Democrats “Accidentally” Used A Photoshopped Tweet With A Blue Verification Badge Next To Users Name…
  13. Germany ekes some fun out of quiet Carnival
  14. Justice Or Commemoration? As Maidan Massacre Anniversary Approaches, Both Appear Elusive
  15. Refund The Police? Minneapolis To Spend Over $6 Million To Hire More Police After Defunding Them…
  16. Reefer Madness? Marijuana ETF (POTX) Declines To $19.52 After Price Spike To $28.61
  17. U.S. Gas Prices Explode On Freezing Weather
  18. Trump Acquitted (Again), But Trump Hatred Continues
  19. After FBI Warned Of Far Right Terrorism, They Arrested A Soldier For Participating In Syria’s Communist Terror Group YPG…
  20. ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Notices Given to Covid Patients with Learning Disabilities
  21. German Nursing Home Whistleblower: ‘Elderly Dying After COVID Vaccine’
  22. Bond Bubble: US Corporate Junk Bond Sales Explode While Junk Bond Yields Fall To Record Lows
  23. Cashing in on Covid: Facial Recognition and Thermal Imaging Techs Are Booming at the Cost of Your Privacy
  24. I’ve Been Banned by Twitter, You’re Next
  25. Alonso discharged from hospital after fracturing jaw
  26. Simone Biles 'would not feel comfortable' allowing daughter be part of USA Gymnastics
  27. Patel defends England's spinners after India batsman put game out of reach
  28. In Greece, an Olympian leads the ‘Me Too’ movement
  29. I love how Candace Owens destroys Sean Penn
  30. Boris Johnson wants ‘cautious but irreversible’ progress on lifting lockdown
  31. Netflix will financially support young Japanese animators, with tuition for an anime academy and a monthly stipend, to counterbalance a shortage of animators (Nikkei Asia)
  32. High-altitude birds evolved thicker 'jackets'
  33. Covid: Husband not guilty of murdering wife in lockdown
  34. Iran has won as a power in West Asia: Leader’s advisor
  35. Retired Government Employees Protest In Iran Demanding Higher Pensions
  36. Reports: Separatist Leader Targeted In Bomb Attack In Eastern Ukraine
  37. Myanmar security forces crack down on anti-coup protesters
  38. U.S. Space Force Dumps Northrop, Blue Origin
  39. Gun Violence in Philadelphia Nearly Doubled in 2020
  40. Russian Authorities Move to Eradicate Navalny Protests
  41. Energy Ministry has no accurate data on how much gas stored in underground facilities – Vitrenko
  42. Covid-19: Millions of asthmatics 'must wait for vaccine'
  43. NASCAR Ratings Extremely Strong Despite the Pandemic Year
  44. Maryland’s Anti-Trump GOP Governor Says “It’s Not Over” After Failed Impeachment
  45. NBC Blames Oppression for Woman Putting Gorilla Glue in Her Hair
  46. Black Lives Matter Activist Says Movement Also Aims to “Boycott and Dismantle Israel”
  47. Gov. DeSantis Rips Biden for Floating Travel Ban on Florida
  48. Global Stocks Hit Record Highs
  49. Briton admits breaking Singapore quarantine order after fiancee hotel room visit
  50. Israeli air force holds ‘surprise’ drill near Lebanon border