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  1. There are grounds for concern about solar power
  2. Divers rescue Thai Buddhist monk trapped in flooded cave
  3. Marston’s confirms plans to reopen 700 English pubs with beer gardens next week
  4. A paper cowboy rides out his quarantine in Australian hotel
  5. Croatia’s ‘war criminal’ Mirko Graorac: Guilty or innocent?
  6. Brazil's daily deaths from COVID pass 4,000 mark for first time
  7. TikTok: Teen saves boy after seeing crash on livestream
  8. ‘Bullet in the head’: Battle for Yemen key to Iran-US tension
  9. Iran, China to cooperate on pharmacy bilaterally
  10. Causes behind explosion of Iranian ship under investigation
  11. Will Red Sea incident mobilize pro-Iran deal Israel critics in the US?
  12. Toshiba studies acquisition proposal from global fund
  13. Shell expects 200m dollar hit from Texas storm that killed dozens
  14. Ramadan 2021: Fasting hours around the world
  15. Argument over porridge reveals Philippines’ COVID fiasco
  16. Russia may be ‘slowly’ killing Alexey Navalny: Amnesty
  17. Hezbollah wants a representative office in Moscow
  18. US and Iraq set to continue strategic dialogue
  19. Hryvnia gets stronger against U.S. dollar on April 7
  20. COVID-19: Over 15,000 new cases reported as of April 7, daily deaths hit new high
  21. Facebook Removes Accounts Tied To Exile Group Opposed To Iranian Government
  22. New UK watchdog set to curb Big Tech’s hold over news media
  23. Blinken Discusses Russian Attempts To Restrict RFE/RL With Acting Chief Of USAGM
  24. ‘World leaders have failed’: Q&A with Amnesty’s Agnes Callamard
  25. Sunburned tourists and fighter jets: The Israel-Greece alliance
  26. Headlines of Iran's Persian dailies on April 7
  27. Dubai deports Ukrainians, Russian for naked balcony photoshoot
  28. Here’s how women are changing the way economies are run
  29. Moscow doing its utmost to find solution to JCPOA revival
  30. Iran neither optimistic, nor pessimistic about JCPOA meeting
  31. Vienna’s wartime Gestapo chief worked for West German intelligence, records show
  32. Anti-Vax & Anti-Tax – 2 Huge Trends of 2021 –Gerald Celente
  33. US restaurants face ketchup packet shortage amid Covid pandemic
  34. Yemeni drones target Saudi 'King Khalid' Air Base
  35. Couple in Mexico hoists brother and sister, ages 5 & 6, over boulders and abandons them at the border
  36. Taiwan train crash truck slid to tracks a minute before crash
  37. Sources: Meredith is working with a financial adviser on a potential sale of its 17 TV stations, which would let the conglomerate focus on its magazine division (Bloomberg)
  38. Chinese Housing Bubble Is About To Burst As Household Debt Soars To 9.7 Trillion
  39. Guggenheim Warns Another Archegos HIGHLY LIKELY as Hidden Derivatives Unravel!
  40. LOL! Kamala Harris Visits her Hometown but the Crowd Size Says EVERYTHING
  41. Over 100 killed in clashes in Ethiopia’s Afar, Somali regions
  42. Covid: Brazil has more than 4,000 deaths in 24 hours for first time
  43. Is killing Arabs just a game to some?
  44. LIVE: High-Speed Police Chase In California; Driver Is Possible Murder Suspect
  45. Apple’s CEO Wants People To Vote By iPhone App…
  46. UK launches the Digital Markets Unit, tasked with halting anticompetitive acts by Big Tech, starting with platform relationships with publishers and advertisers (Paul Sandle/Reuters)
  47. BODYCAM: Man shot dead after rushing LAPD officers with hammer, bike stand
  48. Governments In Europe, Central Asia Used Pandemic To Clamp Down On Human Rights, Amnesty International Report Says
  49. Arkansas’s “Republican” Governor Defends Letting Children Transition To Different Genders…
  50. How 60 Minutes Edited Ron DeSantis’s Answer to Smear Him & Mislead Viewers