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  1. A journey through Chile’s conflict with Mapuche resistance groups
  2. In meeting with US, Israel slams Iran as ‘fanatical regime’
  3. Will Smith film moved from Georgia over voting restrictions
  4. Global Taxes – Global Stagnation
  5. March Jobs Report – Millions Missing From The Roles
  6. ‘China, Iran, and Russia are laughing at us’: US Navy is slammed for adding a mask to the eagle in service branch logo
  7. Mutiple police officers shot in Georgia
  8. JOHN FUND: What do Black Lives Matter and Hunter Biden have in common? Big Tech won’t let you read criticisms of either of them.
  9. Government Property Is Sacred. Your Property? Not So Much.
  10. Cindy McCain to Be Biden Ambassador to UN Program
  11. Over 100 CEOs and Corporate Leaders Gather to Discuss Action Against States that Seek to Stop Democrat Voter Fraud
  13. Baroness Shirley Williams: Former cabinet minister dies aged 90
  14. EU sanctions Iran militia, police, three prisons over 2019 protests
  15. Microsoft buying speech recognition company Nuance in deal worth £11.6bn
  16. Danish plan to repatriate Syrian refugees sparks controversy
  17. Nearly 40% of U.S. Marines Decline COVID-19 Vaccine
  18. DJ Tiiny: No action over presenter who charged £200 to play songs
  19. “Directed Energy Weapon” Being Fired into Sakurajima Volcano – Japan. China has shown its new weapon. Wow.
  20. New virus variant combining 18 mutations – “It is as if these variants were evolving”
  22. Ramadan decorations up in Jerusalem as Palestinians prepare for holy month
  23. Biden DOT Sec Admits He Mislead People On Amount Of Jobs Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Would Create…
  24. Love Island: Could Tinder find the show's first gay couple?
  25. Antifa Riots in Portland, Sets Fire to ICE Building With Federal Agents Inside
  26. Hunter Biden Trades off The Presidency, Starts His Book Tour
  27. CNN Complains That Fox News Anchors Haven’t Posted Vaccine Selfies
  28. Beyond Direct and Indirect Approaches to Irregular Warfare
  29. There Are 470,000,000 Guns In America (And Sales Keep Going Up)
  30. We Must Recognize Reality With Beijing
  31. Wayne Allyn Root: What If the Next 9/11 Terrorist Attack Is Just Days Away?
  32. Michael Brown: Loving God with All Our Hearts and All Our Minds
  33. Jerry Newcombe: The Sabbath – A Gift from God
  34. India: Thousands join Hindu festival ritual bath as COVID surges
  35. Coronavirus: England's shops, gyms and hairdressers reopen
  36. Sources: Tencent Music, a joint venture with Spotify, gave up some licensing deals in recent months as it prepares for a Chinese antitrust investigation (Yuan Yang/Financial Times)
  37. Gas stocks shrink by 1.8% to 15.6 bcm over week
  38. Ukraine reports 14 new COVID-19 cases in armed forces as of April 12
  39. Dante Mullings: Four jailed over rival gang murder plot
  40. Joseph Siravo: The Sopranos and Jersey Boys star dies aged 64
  41. NHS Covid-19 app update blocked for breaking Apple and Google's rules
  42. COVID-19: Health ministry hopes for best possible format for Orthodox Easter events
  43. Greensill: Former PMs 'must never lobby government', says Gordon Brown
  44. Zionists should await response to act of sabotage: MP
  45. 'Eclipse' to go on screen at Côté Court Festival
  46. HSBC and Huawei CFO reach documents deal amid extradition case
  47. Tottenham to hold review after Son Heung-min suffers racist abuse
  48. US police kills a 20-yr black amid tensions over Floyd death
  49. US police officer accused of assaulting Black Army officer fired
  50. Infographic: How much do basic necessities cost in Lebanon?