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  1. FSB designing background Kremlin needs to "celebrate" Crimea grab anniversary – Ukraine intelligence
  2. A group of 15 AGs update their antitrust complaint against Google, taking aim at privacy updates to Chrome related to ad targeting and Google's Privacy Sandbox (The Verge)
  3. Why the U.S. Air Force Still Loves the F-35
  4. Kosovo War Crimes Suspect Arrested In Belgium
  5. How a War With China Could Cripple the U.S.
  6. Biden Says He Has No Plans to Visit Southern Border to Confront Crisis He Refuses to Acknowledge
  7. Foxconn considers Wisconsin, Mexico for electric vehicle plant
  8. The oceans need a break from us
  9. What is behind the rise in kidnappings in Nigeria?
  10. Live: Senate GOP leaders hold press conference.
  11. 6 Charged In NH For Running Unlicensed Virtual Currency Exchange Business
  12. Border Crossings On Track To Hit 20-Year High
  13. 6 Charged In NH For Running Unlicensed Virtual Currency Exchange Business
  14. Former college student gets 3 years in prison for role in swatting, fake bomb threats linked to white supremacists
  15. Anez supporters protest in Bolivia demanding her release
  16. Documents of US connection with al-Qaeda in Yemen published
  17. Woke Parents Volunteering Their Children, Some As Young As 6 Months To Test COVID Vaccine…
  18. Rachel Bucchino: How Tucker Carlson Could Take Over the GOP and Run in 2024
  19. Subscription sports betting company Action Network signs comprehensive content deal with sports podcast network the Volume, launched by radio host Colin Cowherd (Sara Fischer/Axios)
  20. How youth, women could decide Ecuador’s next president
  21. Iranian Realtors in New York
  22. Spike Lee to head Cannes Film Festival jury
  23. Rescuers save two from pick-up truck dangling over deep gorge
  24. Deadly violence resumes in Myanmar after peaceful protests
  25. JCPOA powers better use Iran's window of opportunity: Grossi
  26. 2012 FTC memos concluded that targeted ads don't and wouldn't make up a significant share of online advertising and users were unlikely to allow cookie tracking (Leah Nylen/Politico)
  27. Canada recommends AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine for seniors
  28. Iranian film winner of Kyoto intl. student film fest.
  29. Michelle Obama aims to provide a million meals in new campaign
  30. Company insolvencies stay low amid Government Covid support
  31. Dems Roll Out D‑Day Plan To Save Newsom From Imminent Recall
  32. Too Much Debt & No Going Back
  33. They just keep lying. To be fair, it’s not like they face any actual consequences.
  34. EU regulator ‘convinced’ AstraZeneca benefit outweighs risk
  35. Rada seeks Constitutional Court conclusions on bill on appointment of NABU, SBI chiefs
  36. EU-Ukraine Open Skies Agreement to be signed in late June – Infrastructure minister
  37. Iran unveils indigenous COVID-19 rapid test kit
  38. Deb Haaland Confirmed as Interior Secretary
  39. US, Israeli Navies Conduct Joint Security Patrol in Eastern Mediterranean
  40. Southampton striker Adams called up to Scotland squad
  41. Ukraine announces top three taxpayers in 2020
  42. Nationwide Building Society to launch market-leading Isa for existing members
  43. The Future of Nasdaq: Will it Keep Moving Higher?
  44. Maine Town Leaders Pass Anti-Mask Resolution, Say Mask Mandates Violate Anti-Discrimination Law
  45. Josh Rogin of The Washington Post on the undisputed evidence covid-19 originated in the Wuhan lab backed and funded by the USA via the NIAID headed by Fauci
  46. Terror attack warning, superpower strategies, and new frontiers: what's in Boris' plan for Britain?
  47. Integrated review: UK nuclear stockpile to increase
  48. Poll Shows That 90 Percent of Americans Think Illegal Immigrants Should Be Tested for Coronavirus
  49. Vatican Says Church Cannot Bless Same Sex Unions, In Setback for Gay Catholics
  50. The Military’s Great Awokening