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  1. Officials, Jewish Groups Mark Anniversary of 1992 Israeli Embassy Bombing That Killed 29
  2. PM Mark Rutte’s party wins most seats in Dutch vote: Exit poll
  3. President Trump’s Net Worth Suffered A $1 Billion Loss While In Office…
  4. Lebanon’s Aoun tells PM-designate Hariri to form government or go
  5. Dems Block GOP Bill That Would Require Illegal Immigrants to Be Tested for Coronavirus
  6. TikTok says most users will be unable to opt out of personalized ads starting April 15; users in the European Union will be exempted due to GDPR (Sara Morrison/Vox)
  7. Gov. DeSantis: Florida Curriculum Will Exclude Critical Race Theory
  8. Kenyan court upholds ban on female genital mutilation
  9. New Poll Details Israeli Voters’ Picks for Next Government: Netanyahu for PM, Bennett for Defense, Sa’ar for Foreign
  10. How North Korea Once Tried to Destroy the Olympics — and Failed
  11. Japan confirms intention to partake in Ukraine military exercises
  12. BREAKING: Russia Cuts Diplomatic Ties With America And Recalls Its Ambassador…
  13. Two Chauvin jurors dropped after record $27m Floyd settlement
  14. Iran Aviation Body Says Air Defense Mistake Caused Shooting Down Of Ukraine Airliner
  15. A Century Ago, The Treaty Of Riga Redrew The Map. It Still Reverberates Today.
  16. St Patrick's Day: Sobering milestone as Irish pubs closed for a second consecutive March 17
  17. BREAKING: Russia Recalls Washington Ambassador For Consultations
  18. DHS Chief Refuses to Call Border Crisis a Crisis During House Hearing
  19. Ex-Cop Says Chechen Police Tortured And Killed With Impunity
  20. U.S. Expands Russia Restrictions Over Poisoning Of Kremlin Critic Navalny
  21. Iran Begins Uranium Enrichment With More Advanced Centrifuges
  22. What are the real reasons behind France's slow vaccine rollout?
  23. Over Half Of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Have Occurred In The Tolerant State Of California…
  24. Covid-19: EU warns UK over vaccine exports
  25. Tinder to offer pre-date background checks to its users
  26. Some Capitol riot suspects are on a PR blitz, with The Gateway Pundit and other right wing media depicting them as innocent victims (Will Sommer/The Daily Beast)
  27. Disney to reopen California parks a year after COVID closed them
  28. Biden wants to gain concessions by putting pressure on Iran
  29. Tunisian president in Libya for talks with new unity government
  30. Attackers on trucks and motorbikes raid Mali base, kill 33 troops
  31. Man suspected of killing eight in Georgia ‘may have sexual addiction’
  32. Millions of payment holidays granted to borrowers during year of lockdowns
  33. Europe's top court rules French way of catching songbirds is illegal
  34. Myanmar has endured more than a month of nightly internet shutdowns
  35. Covid: EU plans rollout of travel certificate before summer
  36. Summer navigation: Lufthansa Group to triple flights from Ukraine
  37. Blood clot cases ‘very rare’, says World Health Organisation vaccines expert
  38. Covid in Europe: Vaccine suspension hits rollout as cases rise
  39. Eight Killed, Including Six Women of Asian Descent, at Shootings at Atlanta Day Spas
  40. Nicola Sturgeon 'refutes' MP's claims about Alex Salmond row
  41. 1 in 4 in Congress Haven’t Gotten Vaccinated
  42. Brussels Prepares To Introduce “Vaccine Passports” To Save European Tourism Industry
  43. Analysis of New York Times' A/B tests of its headlines, which often use dramatic, emotionally-charged language to boost engagement (TJCX)
  44. Dutch election: Is online sexism holding women back from becoming MPs?
  45. SSP taps shareholders for £475m as sales remain slow in airports and stations
  47. A secret operation to reunite Yazidi women and children after genocide
  48. 'I do,' says US President Joe Biden when asked if he thinks Vladimir Putin is 'a killer'
  49. UN Sustainable Development Goals: How Companies Stack Up
  50. Here Comes Bitcoin’s Big Test: The Empire Strikes Back