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  1. Former DNI Says FBI Has Secret Evidence Of UFOs…
  2. As its share price surges, ViacomCBS says it will raise $3B in a stock sale to bolster its push into streaming (Alex Weprin/Hollywood Reporter)
  3. Natural Disasters on the Rise?
  4. More Transmissible Variant of Coronavirus Found in NYC
  5. The PRO Act threatens our economic recovery
  6. Major flooding in Australia
  7. New York Times Fake News Pushes For Telegram, 4Chan To Be Deplatformed
  8. Asians Penalized 50 Points On SAT – Black Students Given 230 Bonus Points, Hispanics Given 185 Bonus Points.
  9. Man accused of attacking ex-wife will now face murder charge
  10. ‘Highly volatile’: Powell’s not-so-cryptic warning on Bitcoin
  11. Bulgaria expels two Russian diplomats for suspected espionage
  12. Eric Spinato, the head booker and senior story editor for the Fox Business Network who worked primarily with Maria Bartiromo, dies from the coronavirus (Oliver Darcy/CNN)
  13. Psaki Won’t Confirm or Deny If Biden Saw a Doctor After Falling
  14. Man caught trying to meet teen for sex told cops he wanted to give her an iTunes gift card in exchange for house chores
  15. Project Veritas Reveals Never-Before-Seen Images of Biden’s Migrant Facilities
  16. UK vaccinates more people in one day than a dozen EU nations combined
  17. VIDEO: Unions Have The Right To Trespass On Your Property In California…
  18. YOU KNEW IT: Joe Schoffstall, with help from Matthew Foldi, exposes the left-wing money machine behind Fix Our Senate, the “grassroots” campaign to blow up the filibuster.
  19. Taiwan Loses 2 Fighter Jets In Apparent Mid Air Collision, Third Crash In 6 Months!
  20. US Existing Home Sales Fall 6.6% In February As Median Prices Rise 16.24% YoY On Ultra Low Available Inventory (Gas On The Fire)
  21. Builder of the Ancient Mysteries documentary, some jaw dropping revelations from the maker of “The Revelation of the Pyramids”
  22. 68-year-old man was punched, leaving him in critical condition, Attacker yelled, “YOU MOTHERF—ING ASIAN”
  23. Biden Falsely Claims His Family Wasn’t Involved in Govt During Obama Admin
  24. The Pros & Cons Of Raising Smaller Livestock
  25. I hate to say, “I told you so.” But yes, “I told you so.”
  26. Former F1 driver & Le Mans winner Dumfries dies, aged 62
  27. Florida House passes a bill that lets certain public notices to be sent for free through the mail, no longer requiring that they be printed in newspapers (Kirby Wilson/Tampa Bay Times)
  28. McLaren sign teenager Ugo Ugochukwu to support him through junior categories
  29. Local government authorized to ban transportation by road, rail in red zones
  30. Gideon Sa’ar: We Can Mend the Rift in Israeli Society
  31. Jailed Belarus Blogger Losik's Pretrial Detention Extended
  32. European Council President Tells Putin EU-Russian Relations At 'Low Point'
  33. Biden Admin Sanctions Two Top Chinese Officials, Citing Abuse of Uyghurs
  34. SCOTUS Agrees to Consider Reinstating Death Penalty for Boston Marathon Bomber
  35. “Do You Miss Me Yet?” – Lisa Boothe Interviews Donald Trump
  36. Saudi Arabia proposes ceasefire plan to Yemen’s Houthi rebels
  37. Charles Barkley ‘Had a Blast’ Being Lifted on a Chair at His Daughter’s Jewish Wedding Despite Initial Worries
  38. Saudi Arabia Says It Would Reopen Port, Airport in Yemen Peace Offer
  39. Biden Falsely Claims His Family Wasn’t Involved in Govt During Obama Admin
  40. Protesters mark one year anniversary of Czech Republic's first COVID death
  41. Uighurs: EU imposes sanctions on Chinese officials over rights abuses
  42. Motorcyclist shot off his motorbike by police in Myanmar
  43. Chinese FM to visit Iran in few days
  44. Is Russia European -- Or Not?
  45. Man City: Why quadruple bid should not define City’s season - Micah Richards
  46. US, Europe Press Turkey to Rethink Ditching Violence-on-Women Pact
  47. AstraZeneca US Trial Data a Confidence Booster for COVID-19 Shot
  48. Espionage trial concludes for second Canadian detained in China
  49. DHS Sec On Biden Admin Refusing To Recognize Border Crisis: ‘Language That Is Not Applicable’…
  50. Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Claims Border Crisis Is A ‘Distraction’ Created By GOP…