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  1. US reacts to guilty verdict in Chauvin trial: Live News
  2. Man City, Chelsea to pull out of breakaway Super League: Reports
  3. Hulu + Live TV will add the NFL Network by August 1 as part of a multiyear deal; NFL RedZone will be available as an add-on (Jason Gurwin/The Streamable)
  4. Israel’s University of Haifa to Help Decode the Language of Whales in Global, Machine Learning Research Project
  5. BREAKING: Verdict Has Been Reached In Chauvin Trial — LIVE STREAM
  6. SR-72 Blackbird: The Mach 6 Spy Plane No One Can Confirm Is Real
  7. France May Open Back Up To Vaccinated Americans…
  8. Psaki Tries to Walk Back Biden’s Comments on Chauvin Trial
  9. World reacts to death of Chad President Idriss Deby
  10. BREAKING: Derek Chauvin Verdict Is In | Watch Live
  11. Border Patrol Sheriff’s Office Arrest Suspected Rapist of Fellow Migrant
  12. Report: the rise of streaming has led to the preeminence of songs over albums yet record label royalties are over 3x larger than music publisher royalties (Jem Aswad/Variety)
  13. Ed Woodward: Manchester United executive vice-chairman to stand down at end of 2021
  14. Miss Israel to Wear Gown Made of 300 Face Masks in Miss Universe Competition
  15. International crew, recycled capsule: SpaceX prepares to launch
  16. Ukraine to get new batch of 367,000 AstraZeneca doses on April 22
  17. AOC Says Native American Rights Are Gone Because Of Climate Change…
  18. Covid: Plan for pills to treat virus at home by autumn
  19. George Floyd: Biden 'praying for right verdict' in Chauvin trial
  20. “I drowned them.” Mother officially charged after confessing to killing her 3 kids in jailhouse interview
  21. 2021: Likely “Most Significant Year EVER” for Financial Markets
  22. Modi warns of coronavirus ‘storm’ overwhelming India
  23. Apple unveils in-app subscriptions for Apple Podcasts; Apple will take 30% of revenue in the first year, and 15% in following years (Ashley Carman/The Verge)
  24. Lopez Obrador gets COVID jab: ‘It protects us all’
  25. Chad: N’Djamena ‘on edge’ as residents stunned by Deby’s death
  26. Iran nuclear talks closer to ‘practical steps’ in Vienna
  27. Crews work to extinguish wildfire on Table Mountain
  28. New league offends principles of competition says PM
  29. Covid-19: Taskforce for at-home treatments and Scotland to ease lockdown
  30. Biden to make an extra 22,000 seasonal visas available by summer, reversing Trump limitations
  31. HA! Maxine Waters Asked For Police Escort…
  32. Renowned virologist Dr. Bhakdi on the dangers of the shots, blood clotting, PCR tests, quarantines, Fauci, all the bullcrap
  33. US schedules to suspend sanctions, not lift them
  34. Texas’ Lt Governor Dan Patrick Says He Won’t Bring Constitutional Carry To Senate Floor Because There Aren’t Enough Votes…
  35. Quebec top court strikes down parts of ‘religious symbols’ law
  36. Jerry Seinfeld Says Old Men Complaining Is ‘Part of the Jewish Culture,’ But They Must Be Entertaining
  37. The IHRA Definition of Antisemitism and the Meaning of Zionism
  38. Football vs greed: What is behind the outrage over the European Super League
  39. Interim Iran nuclear deal could be ready before May 21 - analysis
  40. Chinese military suspected over cyberattacks on Japanese firms and space agency
  41. Navalny’s doctors prevented from seeing him in prison hospital
  42. European Super League: 'It's not sport if success is guaranteed' says Man City boss Pep Guardiola
  43. Morning Brew co-founder Austin Rief will replace Alex Lieberman as CEO; the outlet had $20M in revenue last year, grew staff to ~100, and has 3M subscribers (Sara Fischer/Axios)
  44. FIFA’s Infantino: Super League clubs will ‘pay the consequences’
  45. JCPOA Joint Commission Tue. meeting wraps up
  46. Ukraine MP in PACE warned of sanctions after he unfurls national flag with bullet holes
  47. Experts cool claims about impact of vaccines on menstrual cycles
  48. Iran’s missiles, drone arsenal a growing 'destabilizing threat - report
  49. RFU backs Jones as England coach after review
  50. Lendman: Fake News About Navalny’s ‘Politicized’ Imprisonment