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  1. US Announces More Than $596 Million in New Humanitarian Aid for Syria Crisis: Blinken
  2. Pakistan PM Khan replies to Indian counterpart Modi’s letter
  3. Asian American woman attacked in New York City, suspect sought
  4. Kayleigh McEnany Lands Co-Host Gig At Fox News
  5. Joe Rogan Cucked – Spotify Decided Some Episodes Shouldn’t Be On Platform Because They Were “Controversial”…
  6. Progressives Pushing For $10 Trillion Green Package…
  7. LIVE: Jen Psaki holds White House press briefing
  8. After Brutal Attack On Government Critic, Uzbek Ministry Blames The Victim
  9. Brazil replacing military chiefs after Bolsonaro cabinet shake-up
  10. Kayleigh McEnany to Co-Host “Outnumbered”
  11. Substack raises $65M Series B led by Andreessen Horowitz (Substack Blog)
  12. Will we stand up for Black trans lives, too?
  13. New COVID Strain Detected in Israel; Pfizer Vaccine Purchase Bid Delayed
  14. Here Comes the Bretton Woods Choo-Choo
  15. Large Banks Issue Large Margin Calls & Forced Stock Sales To Larger Hedge Funds & Family Offices?
  16. Canada’s Oil Crisis Could Hurt U.S. Consumers
  17. Dr. Fauci the king of “flip-flops” and Birx is a liar — Statement by Donald J Trump
  18. Why Is The FBI Not Looking For These Capitol Hill Riot Suspects?
  19. Tennessee passes perrmitless carry
  20. In Pictures: UK basks in sunshine as lockdown eases
  21. Romanian police investigating nearly 200 people over anti-lockdown protests
  22. Death of Victoria Salazar ignites more outrage in Mexico
  23. Amazon Shows Its Dedication to Exploiting Blue-Collar Workers With Its Weak Attempts to Correct Dangerous Labor Conditions
  24. NYPD cop-killer is now helping reform the police in New York
  25. Even Though the Suez Canal Is Reopened, It Could STILL Cause Catastrophic Supply Chain Damage
  26. Biden Starts Whispering During Speech: ‘Patriotic Obligation’ to ‘Wash Your Hands’
  27. Migrant Kids in San Diego Are Getting in-Person Instruction Before Americans
  28. Berlin suspends use of AstraZeneca vaccine for below-60s
  29. Ukraine joins International Pandemic Treaty
  30. Biden Announces First List of Federal Judicial Nominees
  31. Trump Establishes New ‘45’ Website
  32. Chinese Propaganda Machine in High Gear Over Xinjiang Cultural Genocide
  33. Passover Priestly Blessing at Western Wall Adapts to COVID-19 Restrictions
  34. Israel Releases Revamped 2021 Eurovision Entry
  35. Oman hopes Yemen ceasefire will be agreed very soon: State media
  36. Sisters in the struggle: The journey from Wounded Knee
  37. Qatar health official calls for lockdown as COVID cases rise
  38. CBO: U.S. Navy Needs a Bigger Workforce to Get Ahead of the Submarine Maintenance Backlog
  39. AR-556 Is Not an Assault Rifle (And Other Media Mistakes)
  40. Ghislaine Maxwell Faces New Charges in Sex Trafficking Case
  41. Volkswagen Accidentally Leaks New Name for U.S. Operations
  42. GOP Lawmakers Take Stand Against Vaccine Passports
  43. Biden to Explain Tax Plan to Fund Infrastructure Plan This Week
  44. Borrowers have until Wednesday to apply for payment holidays
  45. Thailand denies sending villagers who fled air strikes back to Myanmar
  46. COVID-19: Another Ukrainian gets second shot of vaccine
  47. Economists want ‘drastic’ action to stop climate change: Survey
  48. Ukraine's military chief elaborates on risks of offensive to retake Donbas
  49. How a smart thermometer saw Covid-19 coming before the experts
  50. Russian Physicians Demand Prison Medical Assistance For Navalny