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  1. 14-year-old Calif. boy arrested in the deadly shooting of a 22-year-old, police say
  2. 120+ Prominent GOP Members Plotting Creation of New Political Party: Report
  3. UN Atomic Watchdog Says Iran Has Started Producing Uranium Metal In Violation of 2015 Accord
  4. Ozone layer 'rescued' from CFC damage
  5. Chilling new footage shown in Trump impeachment trial
  6. 14-year-old Calif. boy arrested in the deadly shooting of a 22-year-old, police say
  7. What the hell is happening with food prices?
  8. Another Wuhan virus demorat hypocrite: Contra Costa County DA Diana Becton
  9. GameStop investors on a wild ride: 'It was a rollercoaster of emotion'
  10. Biden Unveils ‘China Task Force’ at Pentagon
  11. Many of you have been asking about the impeachment process. This is how we will proceed in the coming days.
  12. Canada >>#Toronto Home Prices on Pace to Top C$1 Million After Record Year
  13. “It’s very reminiscent of 1999,” says Billionaire Sam Zell on the #WSB reddit rally. “What’s going on is a giant game of I can get out before it falls…I’ll bet you an awful lot of that stimulus money ended up being speculated in this casino.”
  14. Liberty Barros: 'What is happening to my spine?'
  15. Egypt's revolution: 'The roar of the crowd shook my feet'
  16. Central African Republic: A country under siege
  17. Supply of fresh buyers and sellers in housing market shrinks in early 2021
  18. Hacker Tried to Overload Florida City’s Water System with Sodium Hydroxide
  19. VIDEO: Tom Brady Got Quite Drunk After The Bucs Boat Parade In FL Today…
  20. CDC Says People Who Are Fully Vaccinated Do Not Have To Quarantine After Being Exposed To COVID, But Must Still Wear Masks And Social Distance…
  21. Covid-19: Kent variant 'on course to sweep world'
  22. A YouTuber and his fan who mailed a woman a dead kitten were sentenced to years in prison for stalking her
  23. Brexit: Preserving NI protocol is 'the only way' forward, warns EU
  24. Bruce Springsteen DWI: Singer charged with drink-driving
  25. Man Who Shot Wife Dead Over Argument Over Sex, Then Opened Fire On Neighbors, Enters Guilty Plea
  26. Bernard goal sees Everton edge classic FA Cup tie with Spurs
  27. FA Cup: Everton 5-4 Tottenham Hotspur - Bernard strike gives Everton victory in extra time against Tottenham
  28. Biden’s Already Backing Down on Iran
  29. Larry Flynt Dead at 78
  30. Pentagon to review US position on China, says Biden
  31. Capitol rioters called for Mike Pence to be hanged, impeachment trial told
  32. The IDF Thinks Iran Should Sweat, Not the US
  33. Leicester knock out Brighton thanks to 94th-minute Iheanacho winner
  34. Facebook Says It’ll Stop Showing People So Much Political Content…
  36. Biden Just Quietly Allowed Chinese Influence Of US Children
  37. German politicians and the covid hoax
  38. US election: Criminal probe into Trump's 'find the votes' call
  39. Would you brave the freezing temperatures of the coldest village on earth?
  40. A Gay Father Of Mixed Race Children Was Told He’s Too White For A School Board Seat…
  41. FA Cup: Richarlison strike puts Everton in front against Tottenham
  42. Sharp penalty sends Sheff Utd through against 10-man Bristol City
  43. Harder scores twice as Chelsea beat Arsenal to go clear at top of WSL
  44. I’m A Democrat But It’s Time To Leave The Democratic Party…
  45. Iran produces uranium metal, IAEA says, in latest breach of deal
  46. New US Military Base in Northeast Syria Latest of Biden’s Warlike Moves 
  47. Biden OMB Pick Confronted Over “Vicious Attacks” Against Political Opponents
  48. COVID-19 vaccine: Which country in Europe has immunised the most people?
  49. Zelensky enacts legislation on state support for large investment projects
  50. Sri Lanka to allow burial of Muslims who die with coronavirus