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  1. Iran's remedial measures response to EU/US violations
  2. Vireo Health Completes Arizona Cannabis Cultivation Facility Expansion
  3. ‘Sorry’: Brokerage chief at heart of GameStop saga apologises
  4. Big Tech Censors, 2020 Election Still Stolen, Economy Fragile
  5. In a media diversity hearing, ex-PM Kevin Rudd said that Australian politicians are afraid of Murdoch media; a News Corp exec dismissed Rudd's claims (Daniel Hurst/The Guardian)
  6. North Dakota taking steps to nullify ALL of Joe Biden’s unconstitutional laws and executive orders
  7. Dems Introduce New Bill To Permanently Ban Trump —> H.R. 484
  8. From Enron to Ercot
  9. Australia to push ahead with media law despite Facebook blackout
  10. De Blasio UNLOADS on Cuomo, backs Dem who says he was threatened: ‘ bullying is nothing new!’
  11. Liberals introduce new bill to relax penalties for drug offences
  12. NY Democratic Assemblyman Ron Kim: Cuomo told me that my career would be over if I didn’t lie, asked me to cover up a crime -MSNBC
  13. Texas outages, China, Biden and Trumps EO
  14. What does Princess Latifa case mean for British sport?
  15. Florida Man Arrested For Attempted Sexual Battery of a Minor He Met on Facebook Marketplace
  16. Florida Man Arrested For Attempted Sexual Battery of a Minor He Met on Facebook Marketplace
  17. US ready to join talks to resume Iran nuclear deal
  18. Politics Seeping Into Everything And Ruining Everything…
  19. Elon Musk’s SpaceX raised $850 million, jumping valuation to about $74 billion
  21. Imagine if Jay Powell said this: “Financial vulnerabilities of the U.S. financial system are notable, and asset valuation pressures are elevated.” Impossible, right? But that’s *exactly* what the Fed’s own staff told the FOMC last month.
  22. [Thread] In audio obtained by NPR, Chicago Tribune EIC Colin McMahon told staffers that Trib papers make 10-13% profit now and new owner Alden will seek 20%+ (David Folkenflik/@davidfolkenflik)
  23. Foot-and-mouth outbreak's parallels with Covid pandemic
  24. Now Norway is offering drug-free treatment to people with psychosis
  25. Texas storm: ‘He’s 92 so we wrapped him tight like a mummy’
  26. France's elite forced to confront sexual abuse scandals
  27. The dentist who helped a koala to walk
  28. Black lawyer was told ‘people like you don’t become barristers’
  29. Brazil: Can you vaccinate a whole town against Covid?
  30. The search widens for hot rocks that provide power
  31. Climate Change: How much did it cost the US economy in 2020?
  32. Cancel culture: Have any two words become more weaponised?
  33. Nikki Haley Tries To Meet With Trump At Mar-A-Lago, He Declines…
  34. The Greater Danger of Israeli Provocations in Syria
  35. U.S. Imposes Visa Restrictions On 43 Belarusians For 'Undermining Democracy'
  36. Covid: Unblock logjam for new laws, senior MPs urge ministers
  37. Covid in Wales: Primary schools could reopen fully from 15 March
  38. 'We can't get a refund for our £980 flights'
  39. No Covid variants found on London Tubes, buses and stations
  40. HHS declares public health emergency for the state of Texas
  41. An early analysis of Birdwatch, Twitter's crowdsourced fact-checking pilot with about 1,000 users, shows partisan rhetoric and a lack of source citations (Alex Mahadevan/Poynter)
  42. First Photos Of Martian Surface From Perseverance
  43. The papers: 'Perseverance pays off' and 'foreign holiday hope'
  44. Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says he will hold talks with Zuckerberg to "see if there's a pathway forward", but says news legislation will go ahead (Jason Scott/Bloomberg)
  45. GRAPHIC: Video Shows Suicide-By-Cop as Officers Confront Armed Man at Seattle Waterfront
  46. US immigration agents ordered to focus on serious criminals
  47. BIDEN TARGETS ICE: New rules cut back on arrests and deportations
  48. Covid vaccines: Boris Johnson pledges surplus to poorer countries at G7
  49. Rodriguez could leave Everton - Friday's football gossip