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  1. The Plutocrats of Wall Street and Silicon Valley Are Scamming America
  2. Stimulypto! Distortions Abound With Massive Federal Stimulus (Retail Sales Zoom, Lumber Price Surge, Rents Crash In NYC, SF, Detroit)
  3. Pakistan on the brink of civil war as police open fire at Islamist anti-France protesters
  4. Ted Cruz Is Done With COVID…No Longer Playing Stupid Games
  5. WATCH: Gen Flynn & Lin Wood Begin Massive Revival In America
  6. Oregon passing a law making mask-wearing & ‘social distancing’ PERMANENT.
  7. Mad Max tells “protesters” to get more confrontational….unreal hypocrisy…Trump gets impeached for telling people to be peaceful.
  8. Raul Castro resigns as leader of Cuba
  9. Brighton beach closed over suspected unexploded mortar shell
  10. Verstappen wins Emilia Romagna GP as Hamilton recovers
  11. Germany mourns its 80,000 Covid dead at memorial
  12. Russia Plans to Launch World’s First Edible Co vid 19 Vaccine, Promises It Will Taste Like Yogurt
  13. Some People May Have to Return Their $1400 Stimulus Check
  14. France, Germany and US warn Moscow is responsible for Navalny's health
  15. Chauvin Trial Closing Arguments, Jury Verdict Forecast More Public Unrest
  16. Egypt: Dozens injured after train derails near Cairo
  17. VIDEO: Al-Aqsa Mosque in Ramadan
  18. Israel drops outdoor face masks after 61% of citizens get first COVID-19 vaccine shot
  19. Episode #369 – ‘American Spring?’ with Hesher, Basil Valentine and more
  20. Someone Actually Made A Whiny COVID-Inspired Horror Film…
  21. Locals and environment groups in David and Goliath battle over Tesla's Berlin 'Gigafactory'
  22. Surrey cyclist's 5,000-mile challenge inspired by barefoot walk
  23. Babylon Bee CEO on the Importance of Satire
  24. Leon: Billionaire Issa brothers buy fast food chain
  25. Iran, Russia, Syria set up operational room to help Damascus
  26. Maxine Waters Was In Minnesota Last Night And Told BLM To Burn It Down If Chauvin Acquitted
  27. Kamala Harris Approaches One Month Without a News Conference Since Being Tapped for Border Crisis Role
  28. SUNDAY SCREENING: Fillet Oh Fish! (2013)
  29. Three killed, two wounded in shooting at Wisconsin tavern
  30. Oregon Journalism Student Charged In Antifa Arson Attack
  31. Pope Francis back to in-person Sunday blessing
  32. Syria to hold election in May after years of war
  33. FL Gov Desantis: “If You Get a Vaccine … You’re Immune. So Act Immune”
  34. Dana Loesch Torches Biden’s Latest Anti-Gun Screed
  35. Coronavirus Pandemic Has Claimed 3 Million Lives Globally
  36. Conservatives Eye Boycotts as Corporate America Goes Woke
  37. Iran, China See Signs of Progress at Nuclear Talks in Vienna
  38. As Ukraine Tensions Continue to Simmer, Russia Beefs Up Its Warship Presence in the Black Sea
  39. Maxine Waters to Minnesota Rioters: Stay on the Streets
  40. Army parade in Nojeh airbase
  41. Putin critic Navalny 'will not be allowed to die in prison'
  42. Czech ammo blast likely staged by Russia to disrupt arms supply to Ukraine – media
  43. Germany remembers nearly 80,000 dead in Covid-19 pandemic
  44. Indianapolis gunman bought rifles despite earlier gun confiscation
  45. Iran, Serbia ready to jointly combat coronavirus
  46. COVID roundup: India’s record cases, no masks in Israel
  47. Saudi, Iranian officials held direct talks in Iraq: Report
  48. Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits southern Iran, no casualties reported - TV
  49. Iran Navy commemorates National Army Day in Rasht
  50. IRGC navy fully prepared to give crushing response to enemies