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  1. U.S. Relations With North Korea Already Become Bitterly Hostile Under Biden
  2. U.S. Navy Considering Bringing Back the 1st Fleet to Counter China’s Power in the Pacific
  3. West Point Ran Exchange Programs With Chinese Communist Party-Run Colleges
  4. Europe anxiously awaits EU regulator verdict on AstraZeneca vaccine
  5. Mark Rutte's party wins most seats in Dutch general election, preliminary results suggest
  6. New Zealand: Surviving a Massacre
  7. BT's Openreach to build full-fibre internet 'like fury' after Ofcom move
  8. Mexico warns OAS not to interfere in Bolivia’s internal affairs
  9. Ocado sales leap 40% amid ‘dramatic and permanent’ online shopping shift
  10. Front pages of Iran’s English dailies on March 18
  11. Donbas war update: Ukraine records nine ceasefire violations on March 17
  12. Vaccinating children is key for herd immunity, say experts. How far away is such a jab?
  13. Australian police commissioner suggests app to prove sexual consent
  14. Lawsuit says deputies shared grisly Kobe Bryant photos
  15. For the first time, Netflix details its carbon footprint using DIMPACT tool, claiming one hour of streaming equates to a 75W ceiling fan running for four hours (Will Bedingfield/WIRED UK)
  16. Reuters: Oil drops for fifth straight day after U.S. inventories rise
  17. Families forced into a deadly spiral in Central African Republic
  18. Palestinians down another Israeli drone in Gaza
  19. Russia Set To Host Conference To Revive Afghan Peace Process
  20. US continues Trump-era hawkishness on Iran oil exports
  21. Zarif urges Muslim's unity in face of growing Islamophobia
  22. America’s Worst Drug Crisis Ever Is Causing The Streets Of Many U.S. Cities To Look Like A “Zombie Apocalypse” Has Arrived
  23. Warmonger Joe Biden Seems Quite Eager To Start A War With Russia
  24. Iranian Realtors in Washington
  25. Domestic extremism quickly ‘metastasizing’, US intelligence report warns
  26. Tokyo Games creative head quits over 'Olympig' insult
  27. U.S. Army Prepping Robotic Combat Vehicles for Big Test with Soldiers in 2022
  28. Zarif highlights need to eradicate extremism in Islamic World
  29. Philadelphia: Kensington Ave at Night
  30. Tsikhanouskaya Asks U.S. To Widen Sanctions To Include 'Wallets' Of Lukashenka
  31. Tokyo 2020 hit by another scandal over sexist comment
  32. Indonesian schoolgirls ‘bullied’ into religious clothing: Report
  33. Australia: Sex consent app proposal sparks backlash
  34. Lobbyist in $60 Million Ohio Bribery Probe Found Dead in Florida
  35. Company Offering Realtime Tracking Information For “Specific Cars In Nearly Any Country On Earth”
  36. ‘What we were afraid of’: Asian American women condemn attacks
  37. Sanaa Seif: Egypt rights activist jailed for 'spreading false news'
  38. Couple Sentenced to 32 Years in Prison for Torturing Daughter, 4, to Death and Burying Her in Desert
  39. Liberty Steel: Nationalise company if necessary, says Ed Miliband
  40. Moviegoers, rejoice! AMC to reopen nearly all US theatres Friday
  41. Asia's richest man, a bomb scare and a murder in India
  42. Covid: How ethnicity and wealth affect US vaccine rollout
  43. 'We need to reflect on why women still do most of the childcare'
  44. Q&A with Rest of World founder Sophie Schmidt and editor Louise Matsakis on training reporters around the world, covering non-Western tech, and more (Alex Kantrowitz/OneZero)
  45. Rebound therapy: The zero-gravity exercise that gets children screaming 'more'
  46. In pictures: Hidden depths of a life lived
  47. Edward Colston: Bristol's Dolphin School changed its emblem
  48. US Border: Risking everything for an American dream
  49. A more detailed explanation of the $10,200 unemployment exclusion
  50. Bill Gross on Inflation Expectations, Treasuries and Fed (Full Interview)