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  1. Oscars 2021: Nominees told Zoom attendance not an option
  2. Mexico violence: Gunmen kill 13 in ambush on police convoy
  3. The bond market now is getting nervous about inflation: Strategist
  4. Failing mainstream “journalists” demand censorship of their thriving competition
  5. Millennial Airline Investors Are Up Double Since Buffett’s Departure
  6. Most POWERFUL #Walkaway Story Of 2021!
  7. Columbia University Caught Lying For Biden Over Stimulus Bill
  8. Canadian Michael Spavor awaits verdict after China spying trial
  9. Covid vaccine: PM to have AstraZeneca jab as he urges public to do the same
  10. Illegal Immigration/Open Borders Morphing Into Democrat Party Voter Registration Drive… Illegals Are Robbing Houses, Getting Into Car Chases Every Day… Tucker Carlson: No Country Could Survive Biden’s Border Policies
  11. CNN Forced to Admit Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Refusal to Lockdown Florida is ‘Paying Off’… One of the Lockdowns’ Greatest Casualties Could Be Science
  13. Never-Trump Lincoln Project’s Executive Director Filed for Bankruptcy as He Joined Group
  15. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warns North Korea: U.S. forces are ready to “fight tonight”
  16. US to hit 100 million vaccine target on Friday, says Joe Biden
  17. New York State Senate Passes Bill Limiting Solitary Confinement, Adopting United Nations Standard
  18. United States warns entities involved in the Russian-European Nord Stream 2 project to “immediately abandon work.”
  19. Rand Paul pressed Fauci today in covid hearing
  20. The Beast System to Stifle Our Farming/Ranching Industry; 314 Million Dollar Plant Under Construction Now in South Carolina
  21. Why Australian women are saying 'enough is enough'
  22. Imprisonment for Public Protection jail terms 'a death sentence'
  23. The 'insane' money in trading collectible cards
  24. How Covid has changed where we want to live
  25. Seattle police search for shooter after man killed inside Church
  26. Families facing special education needs 'postcode lottery'
  27. Gigabit broadband: First areas to benefit announced
  28. Biological Male Wins Female Beauty Pageant In Nevada…
  29. NYT plans to give up control of its 77K-member NYT Cooking private Facebook group and hand the group over to volunteer moderators from its community (Laura Hazard Owen/Nieman Lab)
  30. More than £373m lost to repeat victims of fraud in 2019/20
  31. Consumer confidence showing ‘green shoots’ of recovery
  32. Man indicted on federal hate crime charges for attempting to dismember victim he met on gay dating app
  33. Armie Hammer: US actor accused of rape
  34. Judge Who Headed “Drag Queen Story Hour” Arrested On Charges Of Child Pornography…
  35. House Passes Bill That Would Create Pathway to Citizenship for Millions of “Dreamers”
  36. Divided US House passes bill helping ‘Dreamer’ immigrants
  37. District court judge dismisses suit by Sharyl Attkisson claiming former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and others illegally surveilled her during Obama administration (Josh Gerstein/Politico)
  38. Australia's Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance will vote in April on whether to withdraw from the Australian Press Council, which has been called ineffective (Amanda Meade/The Guardian)
  39. House Democrats Trying To Eject An Elected Member Of Congress From Iowa…
  40. Putin Challenges Joe Biden to Televised Debate
  41. U.S. Senators introduce updated Ukraine Security Partnership Act – Details
  42. Nine-man Rangers exit at hands of Slavia Prague
  43. A rural North Carolina publisher starts a nonprofit to cover southeastern NC, backed by a three-year, $495,000 grant from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust (David Mildenberg/Business North Carolina)
  44. Casey Goodson Jr shot six times by Ohio cop: Coroner’s report
  45. Spurs failed 'at the basics of life' - Mourinho sorry after humiliating exit
  46. The marble slab engraved with the First Amendment that towered seven stories high at Washington's Newseum will move to Philadelphia's Constitution Center (Stephan Salisbury/The Philadelphia ...)
  47. Welcome to Biden’s America, By Way Of Philadelphia…
  48. Nord Stream 2 "trap" for all European countries – Zelensky
  49. 13-year-old accused of killing his stepfather, a Fort Bliss soldier; police reveal possible motive
  50. Abortion: UK government to compel Stormont to implement new laws