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  1. Winslet's same-sex role 'simply a love story'
  2. US and UK ratchet up sanctions on Myanmar's military
  3. Covid: BAME doctors 'still waiting for risk checks'
  4. Low income families in Oakland will receive $500 a month no questions asked
  5. Hauliers 'must expect Covid test to enter UK'
  6. ‘Cinderella’ Cancelled Over Concerns The Cast Was Too White…
  7. China Stocks Sending Troubling Message To The World. A break of 1-year support sends a bearish message to global stocks!
  8. This downturn will have no mercy…
  9. Domestic abuse: Women 'could die in unregulated refuges'
  10. Israeli & Emirati entrepreneurs join 1st Abraham Accords virtual Hackathon
  11. Florida Bill Would Restrict Scholarships for Majors that Don’t Lead to Jobs
  12. Freddie’s 30Y Mortgage Commitment Rate Rises To 3.17%, Highest Since June 2020 (Powell Says No Backing-off Stimulus Until Economy Has “All But Recovered,” M2 Money Growth Now Up To 27.1% YoY)
  13. Biden says he plans to run for reelection in 2024.
  14. A lot has been said that's beginning to hack me off - Scotland captain Hogg
  15. Covid: 'Stay-local' rule in Wales to end from Saturday
  16. Head of Iran’s Olympics implicated in murder of prisoners via torture
  17. Q&A with The Markup's Nabiha Syed on the upcoming SCOTUS decision on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which affects data journalists who scrape websites (Katherine Jacobsen/Committee ...)
  18. Biden: Flattered People Come Here Because I’m Nice…
  19. Georgia Republicans enact sweeping bill to restrict voting
  20. Substack offers further clarity on its content moderation guidelines, detailing its stance on harassment, doxxing, hate, and more (Substack Blog)
  21. Cornwall plane crash: Red Arrows grounded after Hawk jet crash
  22. Israel Prepares Offer of Emergency Oxygen Supplies to Meet Shortage in Lebanon
  23. UK Extends Emergency Status For 6 More Months…
  24. Batch of Chinese vaccine arrives in Ukraine
  25. Bafta Games Awards 2021: Hades takes Best Game
  26. Bigger than Bessemer: Workers everywhere must stand up & fight back
  27. Google Maps Slammed by Campaigners for Unmoderated Antisemitic Comments on Auschwitz Site
  28. Israel Soars on Bloomberg’s ‘Covid Resilience Ranking,’ With Rapid Vaccine Drive and Easing Restrictions
  29. [Thread] Will Oremus, who has covered platforms, online speech, and tech policy for OneZero, is accepting a buyout from Medium (Will Oremus/@willoremus)
  30. The Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune had a $50M drop in revenue in 2020, according to the president of the newspapers' parent company (J. Clara Chan/The Wrap)
  31. Albania's election season begins amid violence, recriminations
  32. Moldovan Lawmakers Again Fail To Endorse PM-Designate
  33. IMF to continue discussing reform with Ukraine
  34. Swarm Of ‘Tic Tac Shaped UFOs’ Chased Four US Navy Destroyers Off The Coast Of California…
  35. Cornel West: Goodbye, Harvard; hello, Union Theological
  36. Biden pressed on child migration at first news conference
  37. Jessica Walter: Arrested Development star dies aged 80
  38. The Kevin Roose column in NYT that was auctioned as an NFT has sold for around $560,000, with proceeds going to NYT's Neediest Cases Fund (Mitchell Clark/The Verge)
  39. Palestinian elections to pave way for the return of Dahlan?
  40. Container Ship Operators Are on a Tear as Freight Rates Skyrocket
  41. Prosecutors Now Backing Away from Statements and Charges Against January 6th Protestors
  42. Lynette Zang: Why You Must Get Out of the System – The Fed’s Master Plan!
  43. Just listen to Biden 15:54, DARPA new Department of Health?
  44. How bad is the housing crisis in Vancouver? Bidding wars for Campers
  45. UK Government: “On the 1st April we will formally establish the new UK Health Security Agency”
  46. Dem Senator Wants to Subsidize Industry His Family Is Investing In
  47. White-Collar Visa Workers Take 2/3 of New Tech Jobs Each Year
  48. SEC Begins Enforcing Law That Could Delist Chinese Firms From U.S. Exchanges
  49. President Joe Biden, 78, plans to run for a second term in 2024
  50. Election runoff in Ukraine would see Zelensky, Boyko – Poll