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  1. Russia Extends Space Cooperation With U.S. Until 2030
  2. Record-breaking egg roll ramp, elephants and lemurs
  3. Covid: More than 5m people fully vaccinated in UK
  4. New Yorker Uses Cartoons to Boost “Uyghur Genocide” Myth
  5. ‘Kill the bill’: Hundreds in UK protest against new crime law
  6. Iron ore concentrate output exceeds 46mn tons in 11 months
  7. ALERT! Ex-Silver Regulator Lands Cushy Rigging Job
  8. Gold Will Emerge Stronger Than Ever From the Post-Pandemic Environment: CPM Group
  9. The MSM decided it’s time for a new propaganda campaign
  10. Ron DeSantis issues Executive Order BLOCKING the use of vaccine passports in FL.
  11. Suez Canal clears backlog of ships 5 days after Ever Given dislodged
  12. Zarif, Le Drian hold talk on JCPOA joint Commission meeting
  13. Melbourne western suburbs cleaning services
  14. “Follow the science” except when it means follow a hunch.
  15. Suez Canal Shipping Backlog Ends, Days After Giant Vessel Freed
  16. Blinken Puts More Focus on Palestinians in Call to Israeli Counterpart
  17. Iran Rejects ‘Step-By-Step’ Lifting of Sanctions – Press TV
  18. MLB: Cat stops play at Los Angeles Dodgers - Colorado Rockies game
  19. Sandy Row riot: Leaders appeal for calm after Belfast riot
  20. Salvage teams tow derailed Taiwan train after deadly accident
  21. Hryvnia keeps weakening to U.S. dollar on April 5
  22. Esports body calls for disability gaming tournaments
  23. U.S. Sees EU-Led Iran Nuclear Talks as a “Positive Step” Especially If It Moves the Ball Forward on the Return to Compliance
  24. 77 Taliban member killed in Afghanistan
  25. Desert Eagle: The Insane .50 Caliber Handgun That’s More Like a Cannon
  26. Next Navy Helos Will Be Mix of Manned and Unmanned Platforms
  27. Kyiv mayor reports over 2,000 new COVID-19 cases April 3 in new daily high
  28. Witnesses: China Imprisoning Christians in “Brainwashing” Torture Centers
  29. U.S., Iran Head to Vienna for “Indirect” Nuclear Deal Talks
  30. Tim Graham: The Wild CBS “Sunday Morning” Gossip
  31. David Harsanyi: The Media’s All-In Campaign to Destroy the Filibuster
  32. David Limbaugh: Americans Must Never Throw in the Towel
  33. Flight of NASA’s Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Delayed Until April 11
  34. Cancel Mob Goes on Profanity-Laced Tirade After “American Horror Story” Star Sarah Paulson Refuses to Declare Pronouns
  35. Britney Spears’ Camp Maintains the Star Is In Control of Her Social Media
  36. Spotify premium apk best music app to download
  37. Suez Canal shipping backlog to end on Saturday: Canal authority
  38. Why have Black cowboys been erased from US history books?
  39. Amazon’s PR offensive: Taking on critics, unions and lawmakers
  40. Young professionals receive Covid jabs ahead of elderly in Tuscany
  41. Iran faces fourth COVID wave after Nowruz holidays
  42. Moscow says no alternative to JCPOA
  43. 'We just got destroyed' - Warriors blown away in record Raptors win
  44. April Fools in Belgium, volcano eruption in Iceland, cherry blossom in bloom | This week in pictures
  45. Iran planning to start power, gas exports to Oman
  46. Wreckage of helicopter crash which killed Czech Republic's richest man found in Alaska
  47. Iran wrestling teams to participate in Bulgarian event
  48. Daily COVID-19 high beats record second day in row with over 20,000 cases reported April 3
  49. Gen. Soleimani terror case sent to Iran-Iraq joint committee
  50. Covid lockdowns in Parks on Nature Day