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  1. Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar hospitalised with COVID-19
  2. US court orders halt to ‘Satan Shoe’ sales in Nike trademark row
  3. 'Pep roulette' is giving many a headache - Fantasy football tips for gameweek 30
  4. A look at Alamo Drafthouse's plans for when it emerges from bankruptcy and movie theaters reopen (Variety)
  5. At least 36 dead in Taiwan train crash (+video)
  6. Covid: 'Divisive' Covid passports and school funding warning
  7. Honey Thaljieh: First captain of Palestine women’s football team
  8. Myanmar cuts wireless internet service amid coup protests
  9. IDF’s Point Man on Iran Says Israel ‘Definitely’ Has Capacity to Destroy Nuclear Program, Biden Administration ‘Keeping Its Promises’ So Far
  10. Saudi airbase in Khamis Mushait targeted by Yemeni drones
  11. Taiwan: At least 34 killed after train derails inside tunnel
  12. At least 34 dead in Taiwan train crash
  13. Michelle Obama: Schoolgirls receive video call from former first lady
  14. Iraq infections surge as coronavirus variant fuels second wave
  15. Russian Foreign Minister to visit Tehran on April 13
  16. India’s new daily COVID infections highest in six months
  17. Ban on care home residents taking trips faces legal challenge
  18. Vaccination of Fear, Depopulation? – Economic Update
  19. Dutch PM Rutte survives no-confidence vote despite censure
  20. OPEC+ agrees on crude oil cuts
  21. $NDX $SPX bullish again?
  22. April Fools! This market is teetering on a knife’s edge. Many will be fucked!
  23. Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces The ‘Fire Fauci Act: “will slash the salary of Dr. Always Wrong to $0, and the We Will Not Comply Act will ban vaccine passports & prevent discrimination against the unvaccinated”
  24. Cuomo’s Concentration Camps: NY Senate Passes Bill Allowing Government to Detain ‘Potentially’ Contagious People
  25. 13 States Sue Biden Regime, Demand Ability to Cut Taxes
  26. McConnell Rules Out GOP Support for Biden Infrastructure Bill… Trump: Biden Tax Hike Would Be Among “Largest Self Inflicted Economic Wounds” in History
  27. Project Veritas Releases Shocking Secret Video From The Border… Fauci’s Silence On Border Crisis Is Deafening
  28. Coronavirus: Dozens of MPs criticise 'divisive' Covid passports
  29. Q&A with ex-Vox EIC Lauren Williams and Akoto Ofori-Atta, who are launching Capital B, a Black-focused national news org with local bureaus, in the fall (Sarah Scire/Nieman Lab)
  31. Democrats Plan to Immediately Give Illegal Migrants Checks of Over $20,000…
  32. Unidentified Warships And Aircraft Interfering With Nord Stream 2 Work!
  33. “Family, greed, hatred and deception.” Man convicted of killing 81-year-old while he was asleep in his bedroom
  34. “Family, greed, hatred and deception.” Man convicted of killing 81-year-old while he was asleep in his bedroom
  35. Profile of Greg Gutfeld, host of Fox News' upcoming weeknight late-night talk show, as the network tries to broaden its offerings beyond "news" (Christopher Palmeri/Bloomberg)
  36. Disturbed attacker said he bludgeoned elderly man to death because he “smelled the guy having sex with children”
  37. Scam Watch Alert: Phony Social Security Collections Calls
  38. A Communist Propaganda Strategy that Too Few are Aware Of #PoliticalCorrectness
  39. Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Lost Weight In Prison Before Hunger Strike
  40. Mob Of Teens On Bikes Chase Down A Man And Beat Him In Broad Daylight In Miami…
  41. SHOCK VIDEO: Gender reveal goes horribly wrong when small plane crashes, killing 2
  42. 'Inadequate funding' is school Covid risk, says union
  43. Scotland's stay at home rule to be lifted
  44. New COVID Rules For UK Mean Everyone Who Comes To A Pub Must Sign In With Their Name/Address…
  45. Then and now: Rising temperatures threaten corals
  46. Which prime minister didn’t enjoy life at No 10?
  47. Bottling it: How breweries have survived lockdown
  48. Solitary confinement: New York bans prison isolation over 15 days
  49. Celebrities in Australia anger stranded citizens over 'double standard'
  50. Michigan Governor Has A Pillow With Fauci’s Face On It In Her Bedroom…