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  1. Tech Indicator Peaking At 2000 Highs?
  2. The Rich Drive Around in Fancy Armored Vehicles While the Poor Fight to Survive: A Different Kind of SHTF
  3. Public Corporate Political Activism is Fraud & Should Be DELISTED from Exchanges
  4. TRAINWRECK: BLM Leader Tries to Explain Why Being a Marxist and a Millionaire Isn’t Hypocritical
  5. Father jailed for calling his transgender child, who was born female, his ‘daughter’ and denouncing ‘her’ medical treatment
  6. Who Benefits Most from Biden’s Stimulus? (It’s Not Who You Think…)
  7. Stock Alert: TransMedics Group Up 11%
  8. Israeli Startups Orca and Wiz Reached Unicorn Status Despite Revenue of Just a Few Million Dollars
  9. Israel, UAE Sign Multi-Faceted Healthcare Cooperation Accord
  10. France hopes to begin easing COVID-19 restrictions in early May
  11. Russia's Diplomatic Missions In Central Europe
  12. Lebanon crisis: Boutique hotels pivot in the age of ‘Lollers’
  13. Police Arrest Man Because He Was Riding A Bike Without A License
  14. Bizarre Videos of Kamala Harris, LOL, What is Going On?
  15. Chauvin Trial – A Political Nightmare
  16. German defence ministry says NATO in talks over July withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan
  17. Iranian President Insists on ‘No More, No Less’ Than Original Nuclear Deal
  18. At J Street Event, Progressive Democrats Seek Conditions on US Aid to Israel, Others Push Back
  19. Iran media celebrates 'explosion' at 'sensitive Israel missile factory'
  20. House Republicans Pressure Dems to Give Back Donations From AOC
  21. Steve Scalise: Trump Used the Word “Peaceful” While Maxine Waters Did Not
  22. Rollout of J&J Coronavirus Vaccine to Resume in Europe With Safety Warning
  23. Kids Cartoon “Bluey” Under Fire for Not Having “Disabled, Queer, Poor, Gender Diverse Or Dogs Of Color”
  24. Vaccines Are Mandatory for Columbia University Students This Fall…and So are Masks and Social Distancing
  25. Air Force Special Operations Command Pushing for New “Armed Overwatch” Aircraft
  26. Stacey Abrams Grilled Over Claims on Election Integrity Measures
  27. Biden Amin Declares Support for DC Statehood
  28. Columbus Police Release Video of Officer Fatally Shooting Girl Armed With Knife
  29. David Thomas Roberts: The Biden Administration’s War on Texas
  30. Dennis Prager: Whites Aren’t Hated for Slavery but for Making America and the West
  31. London Design museum opens mini-supermarket
  32. Indonesian sub goes missing north of Bali
  33. The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism is an orientalist text
  34. Cornwall kayaker films basking shark
  35. ADL Pushes World Federation of Advertisers to Boycott Tucker Carlson And Fox News For 'Hate Speech And White Supremacy'
  36. Italy's Five Star Movement founder Beppe Grillo criticised for defending son in sex assault claims
  37. COVID vaccine at $5 for Indian states, $8 for private hospitals
  38. EU reaches ambitious climate deal that could transform economy
  39. Denmark loans 55,000 AstraZeneca vaccines to neighbouring German state
  40. UN, US climate envoys launch global finance industry push
  41. George Floyd: Family reacts to Derek Chauvin murder conviction
  42. Kyiv may ease lockdown bans before month-end
  43. WSL top two to face off in potential title decider
  44. Iran doesn't want JCPOA+: Rouhani
  45. Shooting in US claims one life in Ohio
  46. ‘Big battle lies ahead’: India being overrun by huge COVID surge
  47. Sana'a officially announces imminent release of Ma'rib
  48. Iran, Slovakia stress expansion of bilateral ties
  49. China, US presidents to meet on Thursday
  50. Hryvnia rate almost unchanged against U.S. dollar on April 21