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  1. Washington’s Predictable Betrayal of the JCPOA Iran Nuclear Deal
  2. Broken System: Harbingers of the Coming Financial Collapse
  3. Polish Pastor Speaks Out About His Clash With Canada’s Covid Cops
  4. JPM: Global Inflation
  5. Chelsea beat Palace to move back into top four
  6. COVID-19: China's CoronaVac vaccine certified for use in Ukraine
  7. Ireland Adds US, France, Italy to Tough Hotel Quarantine Regime
  8. Erdogan urges end to Ukraine tension, offers Turkey’s support
  9. A look at WSJ's internal study, The Content Review, which recommended ways for WSJ to attract new readers, specifically, women, POC, and younger professionals (Edmund Lee/New York Times)
  10. Hospital Will Prioritize Whites Last For Care…
  11. ISIL No. 2 leader killed: Iraq PM
  12. Consumers Are Spending Like There’s No Tomorrow
  13. Understanding The Market Requires You To Understand Market Psychology
  14. Reddit’s bear bought 136k SPY PUTS
  15. Software Sales Growth Slowed In 2020
  16. Are You Ready For the Semiconductor Apocalypse?
  17. Man Willing To Go To Jail Over 150′ Trump Flag!
  18. ADL wants Fox News host Tucker Carlson FIRED, claiming he defended ‘white replacement theory’ in discussing immigration
  19. How Prince Philip's death was reported worldwide
  20. Libya kicks off delayed COVID-19 vaccination drive
  21. Iran stresses on complete lifting of sanctions in 'one step'
  22. Iran Launches Production Of New Centrifuges After Start Of Nuclear Talks In Vienna
  23. Above The Arctic Circle, A Soviet-Era Metropolis Battles A 'Drawn-Out Death'
  24. Is peace at risk in Northern Ireland?
  25. Women's Six Nations: Watch Dow's second try as England thrash Italy
  26. Pentagon chief to visit allies amid heightened Russia-Ukraine tensions – media
  27. China’s Digital Anti-Dollar Spells Trouble…
  28. George Clooney Is Offering Advice To George Floyd’s Legal Team – No Wonder They’re Losing…
  29. Prince Harry And His Husband Meghan Markle Have Called Police To Their Home 9 Times Since Moving In, Twice On Christmas…
  30. India: Five killed in election violence in West Bengal state
  31. Ukrainian, Turkish Presidents Hold Talks Amid Donbass Tensions with Russia
  32. Iraq discusses regional issues, Iran with Arab League
  33. How a gamer calling themselves Kacey Montagu posed as a reporter for fictitious White House News and managed to fool journalists and the Biden administration (Christopher Cadelago/Politico)
  34. Several dead as suicide bombing targets Somali regional governor
  35. Social Media Follower Growth
  36. ‘Out of control’: Brazil’s COVID surge sparks regional fears
  37. Iran boasts of '133 nuclear achievements' after Vienna talks
  38. Saint Vincent awaits more volcanic explosions as help offered
  39. An interview with Emily Ramshaw, co-founder and CEO of The 19th, after the outlet's first year: it has ~10K subscribers and a 2021 budget 50% higher than 2020's (Alan C. Miller/Poynter)
  40. A Transgender “Doctor” Is Cyber-Bullying A Teenage Girl Who Doesn’t Want To Compete Against Men In Women Sports
  41. Allen West Says Texas Can Legally Secede, He’s Right…
  42. 3,000 year-old lost city found in Egypt
  43. Iran begins tests on advanced nuclear centrifuge
  44. Japan doctors perform world's first living donor lung transplant on COVID patient
  45. 'You look like you've had a heavy Christmas!' When the public met the duke
  46. Amid Escalating Russia-Ukraine Tensions, U.S. Navy Warships Could Head Into the Black Sea
  47. Alibaba: Chinese regulator slaps huge fine on tech giant
  48. La Soufriere Volcano hits St. Vincent, Grenadines
  49. Glock 17 – The Best Gun for Home Self Defense?
  50. F-15 Fighters Could Soon Have Laser Weapons