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  1. Allan Wagner appointed as new Peruvian FM
  2. Grossi offers to visit Iran for talks
  3. Leader’s online meeting with people of Tabriz
  4. ‘Oil, arms sales, money’: What became of Libya’s revolution?
  5. After nearly two decades of using the euro, is Spain finally ready to say goodbye to the peseta?
  6. EU has role in salvaging Iran deal, says Tehran UN envoy
  7. Blinken invited to meet EU FMs to discuss 'Tehran'
  8. No military solution for Syrian crisis: Iran & Turkey
  9. US President Biden says no to ‘defunding the police’
  10. Captain pleads not guilty to manslaughter charges over boat fire off California
  11. Libya marks 10th anniversary of uprising that led to death of Muammar Gaddafi
  12. US sells $200m in weapons to Egypt despite human rights abuses
  13. Biden Says Kosovo Holds 'Special Place' For His Family
  14. Mass facial recognition is the apparatus of police states and must be regulated | View
  15. Medvedev reaches semi-finals in Melbourne for first time
  16. Slovakia to support Ukraine reform toward EU, NATO integration
  17. Covid-19: Plea to put 'generation Covid' centre stage, and why you may be feeling numb
  18. 'Why we saw the old Liverpool against RB Leipzig'
  19. At least 20 dead as millions in US endure record cold without power
  20. US sending new shipment of advanced weapons to ISIL: official
  21. Front pages of Iran’s English-language dailies on Feb. 17
  22. The Empty Promise of Western-Style "Equality" and "Democracy"
  23. Iran, Afghanistan hold political consultation meeting
  24. Gharibabadi outlines measures that Iran will halt
  25. Princess Latifa: UN to question UAE about Dubai ruler's daughter
  26. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's wife makes first appearance in a year
  27. China overtakes US as EU's biggest trading partner
  28. 20 music streaming services have paid $424M+ in historical unmatched royalties to Mechanical Licensing Collective; Apple paid $163M, Spotify $153M, Amazon $42M (Cathy Applefeld Olson/Forbes)
  29. UN condemns ‘reckless’ Iraq rocket attack as US weighs response
  30. Ercot Said the Texas Power Grid May Collapse and NO POWER RESTORED FOR MONTHS
  31. Biden Official Seals his Fate after Threatening Reporter Who Exposed Him
  32. GBOAT: Is This the Greatest Bubble of All Time?
  33. If A Few Days Of Cold Weather Can Cause “A Very Serious Emergency”…
  34. ALERT! Has ANOTHER “Silver Squeeze” Just Started!!
  35. Illegal Immigrants DEMAND Free Health Care After Falling Off Border Wall
  36. U.S. Mint Rations Bullion Coins – Why Aren’t Prices Rising, Too?
  37. WARNING: CNN Supports a ‘Truth Commission’ Against Trump Supporters
  38. The Fed. “DOES NOT SEE ASSET BUBBLES!” AND Easy Money FOREVER! Mannarino
  39. What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Texas Blackouts
  40. Under Biden, military being purged of all conservatives
  42. Loop Energy Inc. (TSX: LPEN) IPO DD – The leading hydrogen fuel cell provider: here’s all you need to know
  43. Palantir stock drops after earnings.
  44. Biden is playing video games as Americans are freezing and dying in a pandemic
  46. Ice Age Farmer: THE WOKE FAMINE: Boycotting Food to “Save the Planet”
  47. Disaster and Opportunity
  48. CNN anchor melts down because guest believes in boobs
  49. Weimar Part Deux? Bitcoin Exceeds $50,000, M1 Money Growing At 69.7% YoY With M1 Money Velocity Falling To 3.9 (“Inflation” Of Only 1.45% YoY While House Prices Grow At 11% YoY)
  50. Syria calls for developing scientific coop. with Iran