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  1. Amazon’s Request to Delay Unionizing Vote Denied by Labor Board
  2. Aston Villa 1-0 Arsenal: Keeper Mat Ryan concedes 74 seconds into Gunners debut
  3. EU shouldn’t gang up on China with US: Macron
  4. Trump should not receive intelligence briefings: Biden
  5. Indian farmers block major roads amid agricultural laws protest
  6. Ulyanov denies claims of US media on Iran's nuclear program
  7. 1VP inaugurates hospital in Kermanashah province
  8. Poll: Fewer Than Half of Americans Think Senate Should Convict Trump
  9. Flood of Identity Theft Cases Reveal Extent of Unemployment Fraud Last Year
  10. TSA to Fine Travelers Up to $1,500 for Mask Violations
  11. Worcestershire South Africa Covid variant testing begins
  12. Canada Extends Ban on Cruise Ships Sailing Through its Waters to 2022, Hurting Alaskan Tourism
  13. Johns Hopkins Says U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Top 450,000
  14. Coronavirus Killed 14% Of New York State’s Nursing Home Population
  15. Increasing Evidence That Transgender Athletes Maintain Biological Advantage Over Girls
  16. The Top 10% Is Doing Just Fine, The Middle Class Is Dying on the Vine
  17. Denmark moves forward on North Sea ‘energy island’
  18. Spain: COVID-19 patients tie the knot at Madrid pandemic hospital
  19. Republicans Fined for Skipping Democrats’ Metal Detector in the House
  20. White House Says it May End “Anarchist” Designation for NYC, Portland, and Seattle
  21. India: Farmers block roads as thousands maintain protest against agriculture laws
  22. PA, Hamas applaud ICC ruling, vow to prosecute Israelis for ‘war crimes’
  23. Root's 218 keeps England in command in first Test against India
  24. Coronavirus: Vaccine chief 'optimistic' about over-50s May target
  25. Pakistan embassy in Tehran observes ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’
  26. Anti-armor, air defense missiles range, speed to be increased
  27. Indian farmers launch nationwide highway blockade
  28. Laughter and loss: One street's Covid-19 stories
  29. Libya’s tortuous path towards a constitution and elections
  30. Turkish president steps in amid protests at university
  31. Hope for progress in Libya as factions agree interim presidential council
  32. Interview with Glenn Greenwald on the benefits of Substack and content moderation, including whether Joe Rogan should have hosted Alex Jones (Alex Kantrowitz/OneZero)
  33. Iran welcomes formation of Libya’s interim executive council
  34. Iranian short film ‘Breach’ goes to Spanish festival
  35. Ghalibaf set to meet with Putin in Moscow
  36. Why China’s plan for the world’s first digital currency matters
  37. Indian farmers plan nationwide three-hour blockade of major roads
  38. 'We almost need it' - can the Australian Open provide light relief in pandemic?
  39. Myanmar coup: Junta extends social media ban to Twitter and Instagram as protests spread
  40. UAE drastically cut funding for Palestinian refugee agency
  41. Coronavirus: Help for firms repaying loans and the smells we miss with long Covid
  42. 6 civilians wounded in Kabul explosion
  43. Iran opens production line of advanced man-portable missiles
  44. Ball is in Iran's court: US claims on Biden's return to JCPOA
  45. FGM: COVID-19 pandemic thought to have sparked a rise in female genital mutilations, say experts
  46. Guatemala: Biden Administration ending accord that sent asylum seekers back
  47. How will we heat homes in zero carbon Britain?
  48. Ball is in Iran's court: White House on US return to JCPOA
  49. Iraqi Army smashes ISIL positions in Al-Anbar
  50. Thousands of Myanmar protesters in standoff with police in Yangon